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Integrate SendForensics with ActiveCampaign

Specialist email deliverability testing and optimization with unique pre/post-send analysis and AI-driven insights

SendForensics Email Deliverability Suite allows you to test and optimize the deliverability of your emails before you send, squeezing the maximum engagement out of each and every campaign.

The integration with ActiveCampaign combines your live engagement metrics with SendForensics' unique predictive algorithms for real-world analysis with actionable results.


  • Predictive Deliverability Metrics
  • AI-driven Insights & Troubleshooting
  • Detailed Content Analysis & Optimisation
  • Comprehensive Infrastructure Auditing
  • Advanced Blacklist & Whitelist Reputation Monitoring
  • Live Inbox Placement Testing
  • Integrated Email Client Preview Testing
  • Reputation-Saving Deliverability Alerts
  • DMARC Compliance Testing & Report-Processing

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SendForensics Email Deliverability Suite Dashboard

Automatically pull in your ActiveCampaign aggregated engagement data (email metrics) to be processed with SendForensics deliverability data for AI-driven performance insights.

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