Customer Experience Automation for Webflow

Power automated follow-ups to your customers to always be in touch at the right time.

Stay on top of things

Take the guessing game out of sales. Get alerts when your customers place orders, interact with your website, click links in your campaigns, and more. Automatically add new WebFlow customers to ActiveCampaign and make it easy to follow up and close deals.

Always be alert

Connect Webflow form submissions to ActiveCampaign contact lists to power automations that will keep you aware of your customers’ activity. Use that data to learn the best time to contact, most relevant content, and more.

A match made in heaven

ActiveCampaign forms and Webflow work seamlessly together. Just connect the two and enjoy knowing where each potential customer stands in your pipelines.

What can you do with
Webflow and ActiveCampaign?

Connect ActiveCampaign and Webflow to trigger new deals in your pipeline, update an existing contact, add a contact to an automation, or tag a new contact on your email list.

What you can do:

  • Add automations to trigger follow-ups at the right time.
  • Fire a site alert every time a customer submits your ‘contact us’ form.
  • Send Slack alerts to your sales team every time someone submits your ‘request a demo’ form.

Integrate with Webflow