Apps and Integrations

Integrate Quizitri with ActiveCampaign

Use ActiveCampaign to collect and segment prospects who fill out your Quizitri quizzes

Add User’s to a Specific ActiveCampaign List Based on Their Answers

Quizitri can send your leads to different lists based on their quiz outcome, letting you divide your leads into ultra-targeted groups and mail them information on the products they’re likely to buy.

Get Your Prospects To Share On Social Media

Boost your leads and get more people on your ActiveCampaign lists by using Quizitri’s social sharing options to spread the word about what you have to offer.

Pre-Made Templates Waiting For You To Use

Each Quizitri account comes with pre-made quizzes, not just templates. So all you need to do is connect ActiveCampaign with the direct API connection and start collecting leads.


  • Logic jumps mean you can take your prospect down a certain path and then add them to the right ActiveCampaign list for their choices.
  • Inline HTML lets you embed your quiz almost anywhere, so this can be added to existing software.
  • Self-hosted quizzes, so all you need is ActiveCampaign and Quizitri to start collecting and segmenting leads.
  • Mobile responsiveness means you can collect leads on any device.
  • Image answers means that you can show the prospect what you mean, and make sure they make it to the list that’s right for them.
  • Auto-redirects at the end of the quiz means once they are on your list, you can send them to your home page and keep them interested.

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Templates Ready To Embed In Your Site

Quizitri's easy to set-up templates mean you're only a few clicks away from embedding these in your site, or just self-hosting directly with Quizitri!

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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