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Integrate Square with ActiveCampaign

Use online marketing to boost business in your physical store, whether you have a single location or 200 locations. Take offline conversations online and use one-on-one communication to get customers back in your store. ActiveCampaign lets you change the messages you send to customers based on the information you collect. That means you can target your customers with customized emails, Facebook Ads, site messages, or texts with the data you get from Square.

Help Doc: Connect Square to ActiveCampaign

Every time someone buys from you, you learn from them

You get more information. But if you can’t use that information to grow your business, it goes to waste. When you connect Square to your ActiveCampaign and ActiveCampaignHQ accounts, you can use your data to send more customized messages to your customers.

Smarter information = more sales

When you can see exactly what your customers are buying, you can offer them cross-sells and upsells that they want. That means you can grow your business and keep them coming back for more.

Connect online to brick and mortar

How can you use online marketing to boost business in a physical store? ActiveCampaign lets you take offline conversations online—and use one-on-one communication to get customers back in your store.

With Square’s ActiveCampaign integration, you can automate and customize marketing communications based on automatically synced customer data like purchase activity —among hundreds of other attributes and information. 

  • Drag and drop email designer and intuitive user interface
  • Easy to create lists and advanced segmentation for personalized sending
  • Robust marketing automation for email, site messaging and SMS
  • Web and email behavioral tracking
  • Lead source and touchpoint sales attribution
  • ActiveCampaign HQ provides franchise and multi-location brands with effective local marketing at scale, helping them build a consistent brand voice that can be personalized based on their defined segments. Our centralized, top-down campaigns help you save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each month through intelligent marketing automation. Craft your brand’s message, then automatically push it across every location. 

    • Full control from one dashboard to connect all locations in seconds
    • Sync templates and automations instantly
    • Stagger campaigns by timezone
    • Consolidated revenue reporting
    • Automated three-tier testing
    • Secure single sign-on
    • Localization tags and advanced segmentation options based on customer purchase history
    • Personalized implementation and support from both ActiveCampaign and Square's teams

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