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Integrate Firewards with ActiveCampaign

Firewards lets you setup a friend referral program to grow your email list through word of mouth

Grow your Subscribers Through Referrals

Setup a referral campaign and incentivize your subscribers for referring their friends to your newslette

Hosted Referral Status Page

Firewards is hosting a customizable status page for each of your subscribers. You can link this page from within your emails. From here, your subscribers can track their referral progress and refer friends through Email, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

Simple Integration

The integration is easy, there is no coding required. You don't even need a website or signup form! Firewards takes care of keeping your referral program in sync with ActiveCampaign.


  • Grow your contact list through word of mouth
  • Reward subscribers for referrals
  • Run giveaway campaigns
  • Hosted referral page for each subscriber
  • Hosted signup form for your newsletter
  • Add referral links into your emails
  • Referral Leaderboard
  • Segment subscribers that refer their friends

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Everything You Need to Launch a Referral Program

With Firewards you can easily launch a referral program and have your subscribers help you grow your contact list. Every subscriber has their own unique referral page to track their progress and invite their friends to your newsletter.

Bring your imagination to life with the ActiveCampaign API.

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