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Integrate Dealfront with ActiveCampaign

Get insights into which visitors are coming from your ActiveCampaign campaigns and what actions they take on your website

Connect ActiveCampaign with Dealfront, the go-to-market platform for Europe that gives businesses everything they need to win leads and close deals. Dealfront’s multilingual AI understands the nuances of local markets, so it can access data and insights that other tools can’t, all within the most complex compliance standards.

Get access to 30M+ deep company profiles and 89M+ contacts with Dealfront, that are truly GDPR compliant. Trusted by 10,000+ customers from across 27 countries.

Prioritize accounts with 100+ filters

Drill down your target account lists to match your ideal customers profile (ICP) using 100+ powerful filters, trigger events, company news and financial data. Shift your focus to those accounts with the highest closing probability.

Identify campaign interactions

The ActiveCampaign integration allows you to see the web visitors that are opening and clicking on your emails, and from which campaign they are coming from – signaling buying intent.

Most accurate B2B data for Europe

Access the most accurate, up-to-date, and truly compliant B2B data for Europe that's built for the highest European compliance standards.

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