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Apps and Integrations Sales Leadfeeder by Dealfront

Integrate Leadfeeder by Dealfront with ActiveCampaign

Get insights into which visitors are coming from your ActiveCampaign campaigns and what actions they take on your website

Leadfeeder by Dealfront helps you reveal the companies that are visiting your website.

This integration provides detailed information about the website visits by the companies you have targeted with your email campaigns in ActiveCampaign, discovering the pages they visit, the content they interact with, so that you can personalize your sales pitch and easily convert them.

Identify website visitors

See how campaign recipients interact with your website, giving you a better understanding of their intent and interests.

Identify campaign interactions

The ActiveCampaign integration allows you to see the web visitors that are opening and clicking on your emails, and from which campaign they are coming from – signalling buying intent.

Gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

With the ActiveCampaign integration, you are able to see website visits and campaign opens & clicks in one place – allowing marketing teams to better gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

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