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Integrate POPSMASH Instagram Lead Gen with ActiveCampaign

Grow your Shopify store's ActiveCampaign contact list from Instagram using Instagram giveaways

Get leads & grow email subscribers from your Instagram followers

Your Instagram followers are interested in what you sell, so get them on your email list where it's easier to track, nurture and convert them.

Automatically verify all new email subscribers with double opt-in validation

All new email subscribers and contacts are verified with double opt-in confirmation to keep the quality of your email list high.

Automatically enrich customer profiles with name, location & gender with consent

All lead generation and email subscribers are GDPR compliant with consent, including additional data like location and gender to enrich your customer data profiles.

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  • Use fun, engaging Instagram giveaways to convert 43% of entries into validated email subscribers.
  • Start your campaign, then we track & validate entries, verify email addresses & sync subscribers to your email list.
  • Track subscriber growth in real-time with live campaign engagement & conversion data in your dashboard.
  • Grow sales from your email marketing funnel by converting Instagram followers to email subscribers.

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Get leads & grow your Shopify store's ActiveCampaign email list from Instagram using fun, engaging giveaways.

Generate sales leads and grow your Shopify store’s Active Campaign email list from Instagram by converting your Instagram followers into email subscribers with Instagram giveaways. Instagram giveaways are an effective email capture tool because they incentivize opt-ins to build your email list. This also builds your customer data profiles by capturing valuable customer data in addition to email addresses, like location, gender, and more, with user consent that's all synced to your store. Start your first campaign in 5 minutes.

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