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Integrate Postalytics with ActiveCampaign

Get more leads and sales with automated direct mail marketing

Trigger postcards and letters from ActiveCampaign automations

Postalytics connects to your ActiveCampaign automations to send highly personalized and perfectly timed postcards and letters to your ActiveCampaign Contacts.

Every mailer is tracked

Each mailpiece is coded with a unique barcode that lets you track the delivery progress and quickly gather delivery metrics. You can also add personalized URLs and QR Codes to track each response.

No minimum sends

You can send a single mailer or a large quantity, every postcard and letter gets treated the same, with full personalization, integration and tracking.


  • Easy Multi-channel Campaigns: Combine email with automated direct mail to drive higher response rates, more leads and sales.
  • Keep Your Funnel Full: Send personalized direct mail that highlights your sales, promotions and offers by leveraging ActiveCampaign automations.
  • Engage With Email Non-Openers: Automatically target leads and customers who've started ignoring your emails with personalized offers that re-engage and win them back.
  • Follow-up on Product Interest: Trigger personalized postcards and letters automatically when a product interest tag is applied to drive ROI higher.
  • Nurture And Thank Them: Add direct mail to automations that help move prospects through your sales funnel and thank them post-sale.
  • Abandoned Cart Postcards: Send automated offers to abandoned cart shoppers who haven't responded to email outreach.

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Send Personalized, Automated Direct Mail With Postalytics Tracking

You can now instantly send personalized postcards and letters to your ActiveCampaign Contacts, track their delivery, and trigger multi-channel campaigns. Easy setup, no minimum sends.

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