Integrate Scoopr with ActiveCampaign


How this app can help

Scoopr helps local businesses create customer branded content via hyper-links to post on their websites, e-newsletter templates, and social media pages. When the business’ customers click on your hyper-links, you will be able to receive, store, and access the pictures that your customers are already posting online. These photos have limitless uses for your business (i.e. flyers, printouts, and etc.)

This integration will allow you take the images created by Scoopr and then use them directly within your email marketing campaigns by uploading the image links provided within your Scoopr account.

To get Started, First Login to your Scoopr account, then follow the steps below.

1- Make A Scoopr Campaign
2- Create A content hyperlink
3- Share content hyperlink
4- Browse Content Uploaded into your Scooper account
5- Post Your Images into ActiveCampaign through the image links provided.

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