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Integrate Message IQ with ActiveCampaign

Our philosophy is simple: if you can do it with email, you should be able to do it with SMS. This means adding it to your workflows, tracking clicks, replies, and deliverability, and just sending a one-to-one message. Message IQ is built with the deepest ActiveCampaign SMS integration.

Automated SMS inside Workflows

Add personalized text and picture messages inside your workflows and campaigns to help with sales, marketing, or support.

Track clicks like ActiveCampaign emails

Any links you send will be automatically shortened with our IQ Link Tracking tool to help you save characters and track performance.

See all activity on the contact record

Quickly see if your message was delivered, clicked, or replied right from the Contact Record Timeline.

Report on all contact actions like emails

Message IQ tracks everything imaginable so you can actually optimize performance and not just watch your messages disappear into the ether. Track clicks, replies, and deliverability down to the specific message.


US & Canada only. Please contact us at 866-293-4873 to request support for other countries.

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