How to get started with ActiveCampaign email marketing

Email marketing is the best way to get in front of your audience. Great email marketing means reaching the right people with the right message at the right time — using segmentation and personalization to show people exactly what they want to see. This is where you can find all the instructions you need to start doing great email marketing.

How does Customer Experience Automation help you grow your business?

Reach & Engage

Email marketing for new contacts can introduce who you are and how you can solve their problems. This is your first chance to connect with potential customers.

Nurture & Educate

What do people need to see before they buy? Show them that. Segment contacts based on their interests, then personalize your email marketing to educate them about your business.

Convert & Close

A well-timed, personalized email can close a deal. Use a CXA approach to craft powerful emails to bring in new business.

Support & Grow

Your customers are your community, and a CXA email strategy will make them feel supported and connected to your business.

Table Of Contents

Follow these steps to get started with email marketing

How can you get started with email marketing quickly? From learning how to design a great email campaign to understanding segmentation, there’s a lot to wrap your head around. This is how you can get started with email marketing fast.

Create a contact list in your ActiveCampaign account

Lists are the simplest way to organize your contacts in ActiveCampaign. Every email campaign you send will go to a list (or a segment of a list), so the first step of great email marketing is setting up a list in your account. You’ll learn:
  • How to set up a list in ActiveCampaign
  • Where to find more information on lists and segmentation
Create a list

Add your existing email contacts to your new list

You can’t send an email if you don’t have anyone to send to! If you’re moving from another platform or have a list of your existing customers, you can quickly add contacts to your account using the import tool. You’ll learn: