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See the big picture, track metrics that matter to you, and plan your growth with our comprehensive omnichannel reporting capabilities.

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  • Intuitive dashboards

    Skip the hassle of shuffling through your data—our dynamic, shareable dashboards quickly deliver the insights you need to see the performance of all your Campaigns.

  • Smart targeting

    Let us handle the details! Enhance customer engagement by targeting the right Contacts with the right Campaigns to achieve your business goals.

  • ActiveInsights

    Your reporting assistant provides strategic direction with interactive questions and prompts to inspire your next move.

  • BotSense

    Concerned about unreliable data? Say goodbye to inflated metrics and click fraud and intelligently filter for smarter, cleaner data you can trust.

Smart insights, clear results

Our reporting tools enable you to connect with the right audience with the right messaging. We’ve reimagined how marketers harness data to drive impactful results, helping you achieve your business goals with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Streamline decision-making

    Transform every piece of customer data into actionable insights, powering automated segmentation, personalized analysis, and tailored strategies aligned with your business’s unique needs and growth at every stage.

  • Reporting with precision in mind 

    Access tailored insights and data exploration to match your business type and maturity, enabling in-depth analysis and validation against broader market trends.

  • Actually achieve your goals

    Combine first-party data insights with ActiveCampaign’s market and industry expertise to validate performance and recommend strategic next steps.

  • Reliable data integrity 

    Ensure data accuracy and trust by filtering out unreliable metrics and click fraud, empowering confident decision-making and analytics.

Actionable insights at your fingertips

With ActiveCampaign, you can instantly see which campaigns resonate best with your audience. Our real-time reporting toolkit helps you spot trends faster, find new opportunities, and optimize your strategy with actionable data about your customers.

Roland boosted engagement growth in 6 months with our CRM

Using our segmentation and reporting capabilities, Roland was able to build and track personalized campaigns at scale.

20 %
Engagement growth using ActiveCampaign’s CRM
A man in a bright apartment playing a Roland electronic drum kit.
Custom reporting is an absolute game-changer. I love the flexibility of creating reports based on the custom fields of my choosing. Easily viewing the interaction and engagement rates on a daily basis has been a godsend for me.

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Join over 150k customers. No credit card needed. Instant setup.