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Legal Center

It's our goal to empower all parts of your business. That means making sure you always have the important information you need. Here you can learn more about ActiveCampaign's legal policies and guidelines and how they help set you up for success.

Policies that keep your customers safe — and better engaged

Consent, Anti-Spam, and Cookie policies do more than just respect your customers' personal data and privacy. They help you boost customer engagement and improve your email and SMS deliverability.

Build stronger customer trust and loyalty with privacy (including GDPR) compliance

ActiveCampaign understands that your customers' privacy is important to you, so we're on top of everything you need to be GDPR-friendly and mindful of data protection requirements around the world. In fact, meeting your privacy requirements can grow your audience — because your customers will be confident their personal data is protected. Learn more about how ActiveCampaign makes it easy for you to meet GDPR compliance.

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Privacy & Data Protection Agreements

We've put together the documentation you might need under privacy and data protection laws.


We make it possible for you to sign a Data Processing Addendum with us, which regulates the processing of personal data of your customers.

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The Standard Contractual Clauses provide a legal transfer mechanism for the personal data of your customers under the GDPR (updated for the European Court of Justice’s ruling in Schrems II).

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More information about privacy and data protection can be found below.

List of Sub-processors

The identity, role and location of the Sub-processors authorized to process personal data of your customers.

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CCPA Information

The California Consumer Privacy Act protects the consumer privacy of California residents

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LGPD Information

The General Data Protection Law is Brazil's first comprehensive data protection law

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Need more information? Consult our Terms of Service and other legal agreements.