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Whatever your next email campaign looks like, ActiveCampaign gives you the tools to make it a hit.

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A customer looking at a laptop, overlaid with a marketing automation that sends email and SMS reminders when a contact abandons their shopping cart.

Make it impossible for your customers to ignore their inbox

Our automation-first approach helps you deliver stronger, more personal experiences for every customer – whether you have one or one million. Increase open rates with world-class deliverability and content specific to your audience’s needs and interests.

Send what your contacts want to see

It’s all about getting the right content to the right people at the right time. Our personalization tags and dynamic content features make sure you’re always ready to resonate, engage, and convert.

Email campaign configuration window where the user is setting up tags for categorization.
  • Improve relevance and engagement

    Generate more clicks by sending each contact highly-relevant email content every time. Swap out subject lines, preview copy, and hero images for each segment and find the most effective option.

  • Implement predictive and conditional content

    Send one campaign that automatically adapts based on your customer data. Our predictive and conditional content features eliminate the guesswork and only show the most meaningful content.

    A pricing proposal email with personalization tags to add dynamic customization.
  • Sort, send, and automate with tags

    Think of tags as a sticky note for each contact. Assign attributes to each individual, group tagged contacts together, and even automate new tags based on actions, behaviors, and integrations.

    An animal shelter email, overlaid with an automation that adds tags and sends emails based on web visits.
  • Target campaigns based on contact segments

    Once you’ve organized your contacts in a way that makes sense for your business, you can set up granular campaigns and make sure everything that lands in their inbox is a must-read.

    An email for a beauty company, alongside a list of relevant products.

Create an email campaign for every occasion

Our intelligent email marketing automation helps you reach new audiences, build loyalty with existing customers, and focus on what works for your business.

  • Drip campaigns

    Drive engagement with targeted, personalized email nurture campaigns for every customer.

    Drip Campaign automation that sends a welcome email, waits one day, and sends a next steps email
  • Abandoned cart

    Send emails when your customers leave your website without checking out their cart. Recover lost sales and take purchases over the line.

    Automation where a user abandons their Shopify cart, a day passes, and a forgot something email is automatically sent.
  • Follow ups and reminders

    Automate outreach and effortlessly check in with customers. Perfect for events, appointments, surveys, and customer support.

    Mock-up of an email following up with a dental customer reminding them about their next appt.
  • Promotional emails

    Schedule emails and broadcasts when you have a big announcement, a new product launch, or anything else that matters to your customers.

    Mock-up of an email urging customers to buy their limited time availability tickets to an event.

Get up and running in no time

Whether you’re new to email marketing, or switching from another platform, save time and money with our powerful automation-first workflow.

Female-presenting marketing professional wearing a sage green sweater using a laptop and smiling.
  • 1:1 migration sessions

    We’ll help you import your contacts and templates as part of our onboarding process

  • Live chat and email support

    Our dedicated team are here to help you make the most of our tools.

  • Dive into guides and resources

    Explore our library with thousands of hours of tutorials and help resources.

  • Join the community

    Share tips and tricks with other ActiveCampaign users across the globe.

Email Designer

Create flawless emails in minutes with drag-and-drop design tools and over 250 pre-built templates.

Screenshot of the ActiveCampaign Email Designer Interface. Behind it is a picture of a male-presenting florist holding a wooden crate of lush plants.


Make sure your emails arrive every time. Our best-in-class infrastructure and technical know-how makes sure your emails always land in the inbox.

A female-presenting person looking at a cellphone outdoors. Overlaid are deliverability stats showing ActiveCampaign at 94% deliverability.

Generative AI

Craft engaging copy at the click of a button. Use AI to create personalized content at scale, power on-brand campaigns with a consistent tone of voice, and instantly generate subject line ideas.

Example of user employing ActiveCampaign Generative AI to write an email. The user is hovering over the Make longer menu option.

Automation Recipes

Save more time with our library of 900+ pre-built automations. We’ve put together ready-to-go workflows for every industry, so you can get up-and-running with powerful automations right away.

Static example of an email-related automation workflow where a Calendly meeting is scheduled, an email is sent, then branches based on if the meeting was attended.

Everything you need

Start building best-in-class email marketing experiences today.

  • Email automation
  • Custom reporting
  • Personalization tags
  • Inbox preview
  • Segmentation
  • 900+ integrations
  • Scheduling
  • Transactional emails
  • 250+ templates
  • Dynamic content
  • 1:1 email
  • Split testing

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Free 14-day trial with email sign-up
Join over 150k customers. No credit card needed. Instant setup.