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Marketing Automation

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2v0lktuo9 sendingautomationemailsonweekdaysonly video

Sending Automation Emails on Weekdays Only

Take the weekend off emails! In this video, we show how to make sure that emails are only sending on weekdays. So kick back, relax, and see how its done. video

Skipping Wait Steps When Testing an Automation

In this video, we show how to skip a wait step when testing an automation. 0eshkmde5 emailengagement guide

Measuring Your Marketing

There are many ways to measure the success of your marketing and identify any shortcomings in your process. Learn more about some of the metrics and relevant tactics available in…


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Skipping Wait Steps When Testing an Automation

In this video, we show how to skip a wait step when testing an automation. fallback image guide

An Introduction to the Deals CRM

Clicking on the “Deals” tab in ActiveCampaign takes you to our comprehensive CRM, a feature exclusive to our Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans. In this foundational guide, we explain the… o8fy1fgfy deals setting up 1:44 video

Setting Up Your First Pipeline

Pipelines are made up of stages. Each stage is a step in a process. Our pipelines can be customized to add as many stages as you need.

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Email Marketing

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0qabb8kzb blog healthymail guide

Email Deliverability: Best Practices

Deliverability is a complex equation with a lot of important factors. Keeping these best practices and your goals in mind will empower you to improve your email campaigns over time. nxaeg7cb3 image2016 09 13at2.33.41pm 2:24 video

Campaign Types

In this video we’ll explain the six different email campaign types we offer so that you know which campaign to use and when. xx6madh3 image2016 09 13at2.31.04pm 3:42 video

Create A Campaign & A List Segment

Sending a targeted campaign is one of the most effective marketing tools at your disposal.

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3d1lbru7e gears

3 Steps to Building Your First Automation

Automations unlock the power of ActiveCampaign. Move beyond basic email sends and get started building your first automations. fallback image

A Beginner’s Guide to Lists

The primary purpose of lists is to segment your contacts at the broadest possible level. This guide further explains that, defines list types, and explores the other functions that lists… fallback image

7 Steps To Create Your Best Automated Follow-Up Sequence

Don’t build your automated follow-up sequence without reading our guide first. This guide will take you through the strategy behind a good follow-up sequence and how to develop one that’s…


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m21727v9h howto3stepautomation

3 Steps To Building Your First Automation

This is a fairly simple but very effective automation that should open your mind to the exciting world of automation. Jump in! We got you!

Importing Contacts

He’s an importer/exporter. What does he import? Contacts. What does he export? Business changing automations! In this video we show you a couple of ways to import your contacts.

How to Create an Advanced Search

Wanna find out which of your contacts have entered an automation AND who are tagged that their favorite animal is a mongoose? THEN make a segment for those automation using…



Accelerated Onboarding

Get up and running with ActiveCampaign in three sessions, offered weekly. On day one: Setup/Contacts/Segmentation. On day two: Campaigns/Automations. On day three: CRM/Reporting. Register mvhw893dm_lightbulb

Customer Experience Map

Your customers experience your business in different ways: email, social, online search results, events, and ads. Learn how to connect with each contact, including different sub-groups with different situations and needs! Coming Soon cxqsvtbnu_users-group-people

Strategies to Grow Your Business With ActiveCampaign

Your business has more interactions to keep track of, messages to send, and opportunities to convert potential customers. Find the balance between managing what you already have, and creating personalized experiences for new customers. Coming Soon ekan2b1kk_465fiq819_award-trophy

Digital Study Hall

Over three online sessions (available live and timed to fit your schedule) you’ll learn about how to automate, personalize, segment, and orchestrate — and how to use ActiveCampaign to grow your business faster. Register eyJidWNrZXQiOiJhYy1zdXBwb3J0aW1hZ2VzIiwia2V5IjoiMWo3ajVjdmE4X29uZS1vbi1vbmUucG5nIiwiZWRpdHMiOnsicmVzaXplIjp7IndpZHRoIjoxMDgwLCJmaXQiOiJjb3ZlciJ9fX0

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Over three online sessions (available live and timed to fit your schedule) you’ll learn about how to automate, personalize, segment, and orchestrate — and how to use ActiveCampaign to grow your business faster. Register