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Streamline your workflow, improve productivity, and grow with intelligent marketing automation. It's the smart way to scale up your marketing team.

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Automate anything

From email campaigns to 1:1 outreach and support, nurture and engage your customers with the only platform purpose-built to empower marketing teams of any size.

Make waves with your marketing campaigns

ActiveCampaign helps you build, automate, and send compelling 1:1 experiences across email, SMS, and more. So you can reach, engage, and convert more customers.

  • Turn customer data into higher open rates

    Make sure the right people get the right message, automatically. Our segmentation options help you boost engagement with targeted content.

  • Know your audience inside and out

    Gather and track actionable data across your marketing campaigns. Then use it to drive the results that matter to you.

  • The more you automate, the more you save

    Our automation builder helps you find new ways to save time and money every day. Cut down your workload and create your own productivity tools.

  • Find new fans, followers, and customers

    Our landing page and sign-up form tools help you easily gather contact details for your mailing lists, ad campaigns, and CRM.

Effortlessly capture relevant data

Track your apps and websites

Use our site and event tracking tools to find out what actions customers are taking across your website and web-based apps.

Record customer interactions

Build a comprehensive database of all your customers’ actions and behaviors, so you can trigger a marketing automation when they’re at their most engaged.

Automate and optimize your content

Personalize for every customer

Use your data and insights to create tailored messages for each customer. Automate the right option to maximize opens and clicks.

Test each email up to five times

Automate, schedule, and run A/B/C/D/E tests on your emails and workflows to validate the most effective approach every time.

Adapt based on what matters to your audience

Spend more time on what matters

When you automate manual tasks behind the scenes, you free up your team’s time to provide a personalized, relationship-building experience.

Respond to user actions

Adapt, change, and automate your email or marketing campaigns based on customer health, feature adoption, and more..

Paperbell uses automations to personalize the entire customer journey

With our automations and segmentation options, B2B coaching platform Paperbell creates personalized and relevant experiences for all customers and prospects.

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Anything you can think of, you can execute with an ActiveCampaign automation.

Try out pre-built marketing automation recipes

  • Recipes Ecommerce

    Abandoned cart reminder

    Chain multiple automations to recapture potential revenue via abandoned cart reminder emails.

  • Recipes All Industries

    Align Facebook Custom Audiences & Salesforce

    Make sure your sales leads are in the right Facebook Custom Audience for their current stage in your sales process, so they receive the right social messaging.

  • Recipes All Industries

    Target & track ad clicks

    See if the right segment is engaging with your ads. This recipe adds relevant tags with each click, so you can easily build campaign reports.

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Free 14-day trial with email sign-up
Join over 150k customers. No credit card needed. Instant setup.