Scale your marketing alongside your products

Reduce your churn, bring in more users, and grow your revenue with relevant automated marketing experiences.

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Take your tech business to the next stage

Marketing automation helps you onboard and expand existing customers at the same time as you nurture and convert new ones.

With personalized marketing for every customer, you can help users get more value out of your products. Use relevant automated workflows to increase feature adoption, cut down on churn, and increase your bottom line.

Track events across your website and apps

Capture in-app events

What are users doing in your app? Track in-app events and use them to trigger messages that help people get the most out of your product.

Guide your leads down the funnel

Get a top-down view of the customer buying experience across your website, so you can remove conversion bottlenecks and create more engaging user journeys.

Effortlessly manage your pipeline

Build and nurture relationships

Use our CRM keep track of how your customers are engaging with your campaigns. Use AI-powered sentiment analysis to understand their decision making and create targeted campaigns that win them over.

Monitor customer health

Looking to reduce customer churn? Use lead scoring and pipeline stages to identify the customers that need your attention.

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Automate based on what matters to your audience

Focus on engagement, not tasks

By automating manual processes behind the scenes, you give your team the time they need to deliver a personal, relationship-building experience.

Adapt to user actions

Trigger email or omnichannel messages based on customer health, feature adoption, and hundreds of other factors.

Drive more relevant content to the right people

Deliver personalized experiences

Use tags and segmentation data to target the right customer at the right time, with the right content.

Predict what your users want to see

With our natural language processing model, you can leverage click and engagement metrics to automatically serve up the most relevant content, images, or CTAs.

A female-presenting person in a professional setting, overlaid with an email with a conditional content trigger.

Connect & automate your entire MarTech stack

Control all your essential marketing tools from one platform. ActiveCampaign’s app marketplace lets you add over 900 integrations with just a few clicks–so you can extend your campaigns and power your marketing with all your audience data.

Discover how Motrain drives trial conversions by 120% with personalization

Education gamification platform Motrain uses personalized outreach to nurture customers through the trial period. The result? Increased conversions and up to 15 hours saved per week.

60 %
Year-on-year growth
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We’re tracking trials started and trial conversions, and right now we’re converting at over 20%. Before ActiveCampaign, we were converting less than 10%

All you need to grow your tech business

Start building best-in-class marketing experiences today.

  • Email automation
  • Tracking & reporting
  • Personalization
  • Split testing
  • Segmentation
  • CRM & 1:1 email
  • SMS campaigns
  • Generative AI
  • Drag-and-drop designer
  • Forms & landing pages
  • Conditional & predictive content
  • AI-powered automation builder

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Free 14-day trial with email sign-up
Join over 150k customers. No credit card needed. Instant setup.