Mastering Your E-Commerce Strategy: The Definitive 2024 Marketing Calendar

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Every year, the e-commerce world buzzes with opportunities around major holiday dates.

From traditional celebrations to the more niche occasions, knowing when and how to position your holiday marketing campaigns for American audiences is crucial for maximizing online sales. This is why we created the definitive e-commerce marketing calendar for 2024, a comprehensive guide filled with key dates that every online retailer in the US should be aware of.

Whether you’re crafting social media posts, launching special promotions, or simply trying to understand the rhythm of the holiday season, this calendar is your ticket to mastering your e-commerce marketing strategy for American consumers.

Ever felt that anxiety of forgetting an important date or event? 

In the world of e-commerce, missing out on key dates can mean a significant loss in potential revenue. Don’t be caught off guard. Want to take this crucial tool on the go? Or perhaps you’d like to ensure you have it available offline for those planning meetings?

E-commerce holidays 2024: the dates that matter

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E-commerce is always changing, with businesses constantly on the lookout for the perfect opportunity to connect with their customer base. We’ve curated what we believe are the most important holiday dates for 2024, blending both popular holidays and a sprinkle of fun ones. 

These are the moments when your marketing efforts can truly shine – through holiday promotions, engaging social media campaigns, leaning into e-commerce trends, writing incredible subject lines, or offering special discounts to entice online shoppers. From national holidays to the lesser-known yet equally important dates, this calendar provides e-commerce businesses an excellent opportunity to plan ahead, ensuring their brand remains relevant and top-of-mind all year round.

Start brainstorming now with a list of holiday campaign ideas and promotions to consider when planning for the year ahead.

January 2024 🗓️

Every year signals a blank slate.

January is all about fresh starts and renewed commitments. With Dry January and New Year’s resolutions at the forefront, consumers eagerly seek avenues to kickstart healthy habits. The “Veganuary” movement also gains momentum, championing vegan lifestyles and diet choices. Businesses have a prime opportunity to tap into these fresh aspirations, aligning marketing campaigns with the zeitgeist of self-improvement and conscious consumption.

New Year’s Day (Federal Holiday) January 1, 2024Welcome the new year with special promotions, limited-time discount codes, and exclusive offers. As a Federal holiday, it’s a prime time to captivate the attention of online shoppers. Use this day to spotlight new arrivals or launch unique beginning-of-the-year sales, catering to New Year resolutions.
Polar Plunge
January 1, 2024
Dive into the chilly spirit of the Polar Plunge with themed discounts or special promotions. Businesses can incorporate this theme into their social media posts, challenging their audience or employees to partake in a plunge and share their experiences for a chance to win rewards.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Federal Holiday)
January 15, 2024
Celebrate the legacy of Dr. King by promoting themes of unity, peace, and justice. Offer special promotions that give back to relevant causes or charities. Highlight products from Black-owned businesses or share content that educates and honors Dr. King’s vision.
Compliment Day
January 24, 2024
Brighten someone’s day! Encourage your customer base to spread positivity. Offer a small discount or reward for every compliment shared on your social media channels. Businesses can also spotlight customer testimonials or share positive reviews to build trust and rapport.
Chocolate Cake Day
January 27, 2024
A delectable opportunity for businesses, especially those in the food industry. Offer special discounts on chocolate cake-related products or collaborate with local bakeries for exclusive promotions. Non-food businesses can share mouthwatering chocolate cake recipes or run themed contests to engage with chocolate-loving audiences.
Data Protection Day
January 28, 2024
Showcase your brand’s commitment to safeguarding user data. Offer informative content that educates your target audience about the importance of data protection. It’s also a perfect time to highlight any security features or measures your online store employs, building trust with your customer base.

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February 2024 ❤️

February is a month rich in diversity and celebration for the e-commerce calendar. With the observance of Black History Month, businesses have the chance to educate, engage, and elevate Black voices and experiences. Plus, the spirit of love is in the air as consumers search for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. And don’t forget about the sports.  The roar of the football season crescendos, creating marketing opportunities that align with sports, gatherings, and festive food.

National Pizza Day
February 9, 2024
This is the perfect opportunity to entice your customers with pizza-related promotions or collaborate with local pizzerias for exclusive deals. For non-food businesses, consider a playful pizza-themed social media campaign or offer special discounts with every pizza purchase from partnered establishments.
Chinese/Lunar New Year
February 10, 2024
Celebrate the beginning of the lunar calendar with special promotions centered around the animal of the year. Embrace the rich traditions and colors of the festivities in your social media posts and marketing efforts, especially those prevalent in Asian countries. Additionally, highlight products relevant to the holiday or collaborate with Asian-owned businesses for a more authentic experience.
Super Bowl Sunday
February 11, 2024
Tap into the enthusiasm of football’s biggest day. Consider offering football fans game-day promotions, showcasing products ideal for Super Bowl parties. Engage users on social media channels with fun polls, quizzes, or contests related to the game.
Galentine’s Day
February 13, 2024
Celebrate female friendships with exclusive discounts, especially for duo purchases. Encourage online shoppers to treat their best girlfriends and promote the idea of self-love and self-gifting. Share stories or testimonials emphasizing the beauty of platonic love on your platforms.
Mardi Gras
February 13, 2024
Embrace the vibrant spirit of Mardi Gras with festive promotions and colorful campaigns. Dive deep into the rich cultural traditions and appeal to revelers by featuring masks, beads, and other carnival essentials. Whether launching a limited-edition Mardi Gras product line or hosting a virtual parade-themed event, capture the vitality and joy synonymous with this iconic celebration. Offering special deals or spotlighting New Orleans-inspired products can make for a memorable holiday campaign.
Valentine’s Day & Ash Wednesday
February 14, 2024
It’s the day of love! Offer holiday promotions on gift items, couple packages, or special date-night experiences. Given that Ash Wednesday coincides, consider also catering to the religious audience with suitable product offerings and respectful content.
Random Act of Kindness Day
February 17, 2024
Encourage your customer base to perform random acts of kindness. Offer a special discount for customers who share their good deeds on social media, tagging your brand. Showcase these stories to foster a positive brand community.
President’s Day (Federal Holiday)
February 19, 2024
As a Federal holiday, use this day to engage your target audience with historical content or promotions inspired by great leaders. Offer limited-time sales or discounts and spotlight American-made products.
Love Your Pet Day
February 20, 2024
Cater to the pet lovers! Offer special promotions on pet products or collaborate with pet-related brands. Use this day to engage your audience by asking them to share adorable pet photos on your social media channels, creating a sense of community around shared affection for furry friends.

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March 2024 🍀

As March blossoms, the e-commerce calendar is painted with a rich tapestry of events and themes. Women’s History Month graces the forefront, inviting businesses to amplify the voices and accomplishments of women throughout history. The glitz and glamour of The Academy Awards provide a golden opportunity for brands to sparkle, engaging film lovers by showcasing movie-related merchandise or hosting an Oscar-themed sale. With spring eagerly awaiting its cue in the wings, consumers seek rejuvenation in their shopping habits. Furthermore, the frenzy of March Madness grips the nation, offering a slam dunk of opportunities for savvy marketers.

World Book Day
March 3, 2024
Capitalize on the magic of stories by offering special discounts on books or literature-related merchandise. Engage your audience by promoting book recommendations, creating reading lists, or hosting a virtual book club event. Remember to spotlight female authors in alignment with Women’s History Month.
Daylight Savings & Ramadan
March 10, 2024
As the clocks spring forward, it’s an excellent opportunity to introduce time-sensitive promotions or flash sales. Furthermore, with the commencement of Ramadan, consider showcasing products that cater to fasting customers or curate special evening meal deals. Ensure that your marketing efforts are respectful and cater to the needs of those observing the month of reflection.
Pi Day
March 14, 2024
Whether you’re in the food industry or not, Pi Day presents a whimsical chance to engage customers. Offer special promotions on pies or pie-inspired products, or playfully integrate the mathematical theme into your social media campaigns.
St. Patrick’s Day
March 17, 2024
Go green with special promotions and discounts! Encourage customers to embrace the luck of the Irish with themed products or bundles. Engage your audience on social media with fun trivia, contests, or a showcase of green products.
First Day of Spring and March Madness Begins
March 19, 2024
Embrace the spirit of renewal with spring-themed discounts or product launches. And as March Madness tips off, consider basketball-themed promotions, bracket challenges, or even collaborate with brands relevant to the sporting event for an extended reach.
March 25, 2024
Celebrate the festival of colors by introducing vibrant product lines or special discounts. Share the cultural significance of the day on your social media channels and encourage customers to share their colorful celebrations, aligning with the festive spirit.
Good Friday
March 29, 2024
Offer reflective promotions, perhaps focusing on wellness or family-oriented products. Given its religious significance, ensure that your marketing strategy remains respectful and sensitive to the occasion’s solemn nature.
March 31, 2024
Easter is a treasure trove for businesses. Offer holiday promotions on themed merchandise or special spring bundles. Engage your target audience with egg hunt challenges online, or provide discount codes hidden within virtual Easter eggs on your website.

Want to reach further than just the US? See our blog on how to craft and curate a global holiday campaign.

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April 2024 ☔

April showers the e-commerce landscape with a potpourri of vibrant events and celebrations. 

As spring dances its way into the hearts and minds of consumers, the season sets the stage for a reawakening of shopping desires. With schools embracing the spring break spirit, there’s an uptick in the pursuit of relaxation and leisure-related products. The air is calm in anticipation of religious holidays, while the tunes of the Coachella music festival beckon consumers to let loose and enjoy the weather alongside their favorite musical artists. With this combination of celebrations, businesses can find ample opportunities to connect, engage, and sell to their target audience.

Easter Monday and April Fools’ Day
April 1, 2024
Merge the festive spirit of Easter Monday with the playful nature of April Fools’ Day. Online sales can feature unique, humorous products that tie into the “foolish” theme or perhaps create a fun “Easter egg hunt” with surprise discounts or products on your site. Capitalizing on the dual nature of the day, it’s a perfect time for brands to show off their sense of humor.
National Pet Day and Sibling Day
April 11, 2024
There’s an excellent opportunity here to appeal to consumers’ emotions. Promote pet-friendly products, special discounts, or even introduce a limited-time collection dedicated to our furry companions. Simultaneously, celebrate the bond of siblings by offering bundle deals, personalized items, or a social media campaign inviting users to share their favorite sibling memories.
Earth Day
April 22, 2024
As the world unites to appreciate our planet, e-commerce businesses can join the cause. Showcase eco-friendly products, offer special promotions on sustainable items, or commit a percentage of sales to environmental charities. Engage on social media channels, highlighting the importance of sustainable shopping and how your business aligns with these values.
Arbor Day
April 26, 2024
Encourage the spirit of planting and love for nature. Offer promotions on gardening products, introduce a “plant with every purchase” initiative, or collaborate with NGOs to support afforestation. Utilizing your marketing efforts, inspire your customer base to make a green difference.
“It’s Gonna Be May” Day
April 30, 2024
Playing on the famous meme, introduce music-themed promotions or special discounts to welcome May. Engage your audience with nostalgic content, perhaps featuring ’90s or early 2000s music trivia, playlists, or even a themed product launch. With a touch of humor and nostalgia, set the stage for the upcoming month in style.

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May 2024 🌷

May opens with a burst of cultural appreciation and the excitement of summer’s impending arrival. As we honor Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month, businesses have a rich tapestry of diverse traditions and histories to draw from, adding depth and color to their marketing campaigns. With the balmy embrace of summer around the corner, consumers are buzzing with plans, making it the perfect time for brands to cater to their travel and leisure needs. From cinematic celebrations to culinary delights, May provides a plethora of avenues for e-commerce brands to dazzle their audience.

Star Wars Day
May 4, 2024
“May the Fourth be with you!” Capitalize on the galaxy-sized fan base of the Star Wars franchise. Consider launching Star Wars-themed merchandise or special discounts for the day. Engaging social media posts and referencing iconic moments or characters can stir a wave of nostalgia and excitement amongst the fans.
Cinco de Mayo
May 5, 2024
Immerse your audience in the rich culture and festivities of Cinco de Mayo. Showcase products relevant to the celebration, perhaps with special promotions or limited-time offers. Social media campaigns celebrating Mexican heritage, sharing recipes, or even highlighting the history behind the day can drive engagement.
Eat What You Want Day
May 11, 2024
What a delicious opportunity for food-related businesses! Tempt your online shoppers with mouth-watering deals and showcase a range of indulgent products. Engage your customer base with polls, asking them their favorite cheat meals, or run a campaign encouraging them to treat themselves.
Mother’s Day
May 12, 2024
This is a day to pull at the heartstrings. Offer heartwarming deals, personalized gifts, and bundle offers suitable for all the wonderful mothers out there. Strengthen your marketing efforts with emotional storytelling, sharing anecdotes or memories your audience can resonate with. Engaging in user-generated content and asking customers to share their favorite memories with their mothers can also create a warm and engaging atmosphere.
World Cocktail Day
May 13, 2024
Evoke the essence of summer with refreshing cocktail-related promotions. For businesses selling drinkware, cocktail mixes, or even bookstores with cocktail recipe books, it’s the perfect opportunity to drive sales. Social media campaigns showcasing cocktail recipes or hosting virtual cocktail-making sessions can mix things up for your audience.
World Baking Day
May 17, 2024
Appeal to the inner baker in your audience. Offer special discounts on baking equipment, ingredients, or DIY baking kits. Engage the community with a virtual bake-off, encouraging customers to share their baked creations and possibly win rewards.
Red Nose Day and National Wine Day
May 25, 2024
Balance philanthropy with indulgence. Support Red Nose Day with charitable sales or collaborations. For wine lovers, tie in National Wine Day by suggesting wine pairings for charitable dinners or hosting virtual wine-tasting events for a cause.
Memorial Day (Federal Holiday)
May 27, 2024
As the nation takes a moment of reverence, businesses can show respect with thoughtful Memorial Day sales or dedications. Offering special promotions for veterans or donating a part of the proceeds to veteran charities can be impactful. Position your brand as one that understands the essence of the day and the sacrifices made.

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June 2024 ☀️

June emerges as a month of vibrant celebrations, warmth, and cherished memories. As the digital world decks out in rainbows for Pride Month, e-commerce businesses can passionately champion the LGBTQ+ community and their rights, aligning their marketing campaigns with the month’s ethos of love, acceptance, and pride. 

Schools closing their doors for summer in June fills the air with anticipation as families prep for sun-soaked holidays. Plus, as travel restrictions wane and wanderlust awakens, the travel season offers brands myriad opportunities to captivate their target audience through summer essentials, travel gear, or exclusive holiday promotions.

National Donut Day
June 3, 2024
Sweeten up your audience’s day with delightful donut deals and promotions. If you’re in the food industry, consider offering special discounts or introducing limited-time flavors. For other sectors, consider incorporating donut-themed merchandise or social media posts that radiate a sense of humor and indulgence.
National Best Friend Day
June 8, 2024
Friendship is a bond that transcends transactions. Encourage customers to celebrate this day by offering “Buy One, Get One” promotions or spotlight products that are perfect for gifting. Heartfelt social media campaigns asking people to share their favorite memories with their best friends can generate buzz and engagement.
Flag Day
June 14, 2024
Showcase patriotism with Flag Day-specific promotions. Offer discounts on flag-themed merchandise or products that can be associated with national pride. Sharing historical snippets or fun facts about the flag on social media channels can educate and engage.
Father’s Day
June 16, 2024
Cater to all the amazing dads out there with curated gift guides, special promotions, and personalization options. Evoke nostalgia with marketing efforts that tell stories—maybe share anecdotes of employees with their fathers or invite your audience to do the same. Consider limited-time offers or bundles tailored for diverse dad personas—be it the tech-savvy dad, the chef dad, or the outdoorsy dad.
Juneteenth (Federal Holiday)
June 19, 2024
Recognize and honor the significance of Juneteenth. Consider collaborating with Black-owned businesses or offering a portion of the day’s proceeds to organizations working for racial equality. Promote awareness through educational social media posts, telling the story of Juneteenth and its importance.
First Day of Summer
June 20, 2024
As the northern hemisphere welcomes the warmth, celebrate the arrival of summer with radiant discounts and sunny promotions. Highlight summer essentials—beachwear, travel accessories, or refreshing beverages. A spirited social media campaign or a limited-time summer collection can create a buzz.
World Social Media Day
June 30, 2024
This day is an excellent opportunity to engage with your online community. Consider hosting Q&A sessions, behind-the-scenes looks, or even virtual meet-ups. Offer special discounts to those who engage with your brand on social media or run interactive contests and challenges.

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July 2024 🎆

July is infused with the vibrancy of mid-summer festivities and the celebratory spirit of Independence Day. As patriotic fervor sweeps the nation, e-commerce businesses find the perfect opportunity to cater to a jubilant customer base, flaunting red, white, and blue-themed marketing campaigns. 

The month isn’t just about fireworks and barbecues; the much-anticipated Amazon Prime Day brings a rush of online shoppers eager for those irresistible deals. And as graduation ceremonies conclude, offers tailored for graduates, from tech gadgets to fashion accessories, can find a sweet spot in your marketing strategy. Let’s delve into the key dates and how to maximize them for your marketing efforts.

Independence Day (Federal Holiday)
July 4, 2024
Embrace the patriotic spirit! Craft social media posts resonating with national pride, special promotions for patriotic merchandise, or host Fourth of July-themed contests. For physical stores or online platforms with expedited shipping, consider last-minute deals or packages for those organizing barbecues or parties.
World Chocolate Day
July 7, 2024
Indulge your customer’s sweet tooth by spotlighting chocolate-related products. If you deal in edibles, introduce limited-time flavors or combo offers. For others, consider integrating chocolate themes into your merchandise or collaborate with local chocolatiers for special promotions.
World Emoji Day
July 17, 2024
Engage your audience with an emoji challenge on your social media channels. Introduce emoji-themed discounts where customers can use specific emojis to unlock deals. Moreover, spotlight any emoji-related products you might offer or integrate emojis more prominently in your social media campaigns for the day.
Amazon Prime Day
July 23, 2024
If you’re on the Amazon platform, offer lightning deals, discounts, or bundles to entice shoppers. Even if you’re not on Amazon, consider capitalizing on the online shopping fervor by introducing your own set of “exclusive” deals or promotions on this day. Engage your target audience through email blasts and targeted ads, emphasizing the limited-time nature of your offers.
International Day of Friendship
July 30, 2024
Foster connections by celebrating friendships. Curate gift guides tailored for friends, offer “Buy One, Get One” promotions, or introduce special discounts on products that can be gifted. Use your social media platforms to ask customers to share heartwarming friendship stories or memories, creating a sense of community around your brand.

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August 2024 📚

August, characterized by the vibrant tones of Lollapalooza and the warmth of summer’s last hurrah, brings a unique mix of events and moods for e-commerce businesses to tap into. As summer vacations wrap up and students return to school, there’s a palpable rush to prep for the back-to-school season, making it a lucrative period for a wide range of products, from stationery to tech gadgets. Moreover, behind the scenes, businesses also start gearing up for the grandeur of Black Friday, plotting their marketing campaigns and special promotions. Let’s explore the key dates this month and uncover how you can seamlessly weave them into your marketing strategy.

International Beer Day
August 4, 2024
Celebrate the love for brews by offering discounts on beer-related products or, if permissible, craft beer itself. Collaborate with local breweries for giveaways or design beer-themed merchandise. Engaging content that dives into the history of beers or fun beer facts can also resonate with enthusiasts.
International Cat Day
August 8, 2024
Spotlight any cat-related products you offer. Engage your customer base with feline-themed contests on social media channels or perhaps a cute “Cat of the Day” feature. Collaborations with pet shelters or introducing a limited-time charity aspect can boost your brand’s image while celebrating our feline friends.
Book Lovers Day
August 9, 2024
Dive deep into the world of literature. Promote reading-related items, offer book discounts, or even collaborate with authors for exclusive interviews or webinars. Interactive online book clubs or reading challenges can be introduced to keep your audience engaged.
National Nonprofit Day
August 17, 2024
If your e-commerce business supports or is associated with a nonprofit, this is the perfect time to highlight the cause. Share the organization’s stories, mission, and vision, and consider introducing a portion-of-proceeds model for the day.
National Burger Day
August 25, 2024
Promote any food-related merchandise, especially those centered around burgers. Collaborations with local burger joints for combo deals or unique online-only specials can create a buzz. Or perhaps introduce a fun “Build Your Dream Burger” contest on social media platforms.
Women’s Equality Day and International Dog Day
August 26, 2024
Celebrate Women’s Equality Day by highlighting products from female entrepreneurs, artists, or designers. Share stories of influential women, perhaps even from within your company. For International Dog Day, much like its feline counterpart, spotlight canine products, host puppy contests, or collaborate with dog shelters for the day.

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September 2024 🍂

September paints the trees in the warm hues of fall and reverberates with the echoes of school bells. 

With the onset of National Hispanic Heritage Month, there’s a rich tapestry of culture and history to unravel, offering businesses an excellent opportunity to connect deeply with a diverse audience. Oktoberfest, too, has a cheerful merriment, creating a bustling ambiance that brands can leverage. As students flock back to schools and universities, the demand for academic and dorm essentials skyrockets, making it a pivotal period for e-commerce businesses. Plus, the cool air marks the beginning of the cozy season, where hot beverages, blankets, and indoor games reign supreme. 

Labor Day (Federal Holiday)
September 2, 2024
Honor the hard work of countless individuals by offering special discounts or promotions. Consider highlighting products related to leisure, relaxation, and end-of-summer barbecues. Tailored email campaigns that thank your customer base for their loyalty can foster a deeper connection.
National Video Game Day
September 12, 2024
A day to celebrate the world of gaming. Offer deals on video game-related merchandise, partner with gaming influencers for reviews, or live-stream events. Quizzes or polls on popular games can boost engagement on your social media channels.
Oktoberfest Begins
September 21, 2024
Embrace the festive spirit of Oktoberfest. Showcase products related to the event, such as beer mugs, traditional German attire, or decor. Engaging content about the history and traditions of Oktoberfest can be shared across platforms, and collaborating with local breweries can boost sales and engagement.
First Day of Fall
September 22, 2024
As the leaves change color and the air gets crisper, promote fall essentials. This is the perfect time to introduce fall collections, from warm clothing to home decor. Social media posts capturing the essence of fall or DIY crafts can resonate with the audience looking to welcome the season.
World Tourism Day
September 27, 2024
Celebrate the spirit of travel. Offer discounts on travel essentials, collaborate with travel bloggers for content, or host virtual tours of popular destinations. Engage your audience with polls on their dream destinations or share travel tips and hacks.

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October 2024 🎃

With its crisp air and vibrant leaves, October marks the unofficial start of the holiday season. As the days get shorter, businesses ramp up their Black Friday preparations, capitalizing on early-bird shoppers and laying the groundwork for one of the year’s biggest shopping events. Customers’ thoughts start drifting towards holiday travel plans, gifts, and festive preparations. 

Want to dive deeper into Black Friday? Click here for some eye-opening Black Friday statistics and trends.

With October also being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there’s a heightened focus on health, self-care, and community support. From food lovers celebrating World Vegetarian Day and International Coffee Day to pop culture enthusiasts marking Mean Girls Day, October is bursting with opportunities for tailored marketing campaigns and special promotions.

World Vegetarian Day
October 1, 2024
Highlight vegetarian and eco-friendly products. Create content around the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle and offer special discounts on plant-based items. Consider collaborating with vegan influencers to increase your reach.
International Coffee Day
October 1, 2024
Brew up some exciting deals for coffee lovers. On this day, showcase coffee products, brewing equipment, and accessories you may have to offer. On the social side, consider engaging customers with coffee trivia or share unique recipes on social media.
Mean Girls Day
October 3, 2024
“On Wednesdays, we wear pink!” Use this iconic quote to promote pink merchandise or launch a limited-time collection during this fun holiday. Engage fans with quizzes or polls related to the movie, boosting interaction.
Rosh Hashanah
October 3, 2024
Honor this significant religious holiday by promoting products relevant to the Jewish New Year. Share content that educates your audience about its importance, and consider special promotions for traditional items.
World Teacher’s Day
October 5, 2024
Show appreciation for educators by offering special discounts. Promote educational tools, books, or relaxation items. Engage with your target audience by sharing stories or quotes that celebrate teachers.
End of Oktoberfest
October 6, 2024
As Oktoberfest concludes, highlight any remaining beer or German-themed products with special discounts. Share fun Oktoberfest facts or host a virtual beer-tasting event.
World Mental Health Day
October 10, 2024
This is the perfect time to stress the importance of self-care and wellness while promoting any products you might have. Share content that educates your audience about mental health and creates a supportive community. Collaborate with mental health professionals for webinars or live sessions.
Yom Kippur
October 12, 2024
Recognize this religious holiday by focusing on products related to reflection and fasting. Your content can be tailored to share the significance and traditions associated with the day.
Columbus Day (Federal Holiday)
October 14, 2024
Highlight the exploration theme by showcasing travel or adventure products. Offer holiday promotions and spotlight products related to history or discovery.
Canadian Thanksgiving
October 14, 2024
Focus on the Canadian market by promoting Thanksgiving essentials. Curate special bundles or recipes, and engage with your audience by asking them to share their stories of gratitude.
Boss’ Day
October 16, 2024
This day is an opportune time to encourage employees to show appreciation for their bosses. Feature gift items perfect for bosses or promote team-building products and experiences.
Get to Know Your Customers Day
October 19, 2024
Engage directly with your audience by using polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions to understand their preferences better. Foster customer loyalty by offering discount codes to those who participate.
National Cat Day
October 29, 2024
Cater to the cat lovers in your audience by showcasing cat-related products and running special promotions. Consider engaging your customer base with fun cat trivia, stories, or user-generated content.
October 31, 2024
This spooktacular holiday is perfect for themed promotions and campaigns. Offer Halloween-related products, create DIY costume ideas, or host virtual costume contests. Capture the festive spirit with fun, engaging content that’s relevant to your brand.

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November 2024 💸

November is when the anticipation of the holiday season reaches its peak. As the final leaves fall and temperatures drop, the retail world heats up, preparing for the surge of Black Friday shoppers and the rest of the shopping season. The holiday season officially swings into action, and as many begin their holiday purchases, others slow down to cherish the festivities. 

From honoring the departed on the Day of the Dead to expressing gratitude during Thanksgiving, November brings a blend of remembrance, festivity, and commerce. Businesses have many opportunities to connect with their audiences, offering products and memories.

Day of the Dead
November 2, 2024
Embrace the cultural significance of this day by offering themed products, decorations, or food items. Share content that educates about the traditions and significance of the holiday, perhaps even collaborating with influencers from the Hispanic community.
Daylight Savings Change
November 3, 2024
Use the theme of ‘gaining an extra hour’ to promote timely deals or time-sensitive discounts. Showcase products that can enhance the comfort of longer nights, such as lighting, warm bedding, or relaxation aids.
Election Day
November 5, 2024
Encourage civic duty by offering promotions to those who vote. Use social media to promote the importance of voting and consider offering specials for patriotic-themed products.
Veterans’ Day (Federal Holiday)
November 11, 2024
Show appreciation for veterans by offering special deals or discounts on this day. Collaborate with veterans’ organizations and share stories or quotes that celebrate and honor their service.
Fast Food Day
November 16, 2024
This holiday is perfect for restaurants and food-related businesses. Offer special promotions, highlight fast-food-themed products, or collaborate with local eateries for joint promotions.
Thanksgiving Day (Federal Holiday)
November 28, 2024
As families gather to give thanks, promote products essential for the celebration. Curate special Thanksgiving bundles, share festive recipes, and engage with your audience by asking them to share what they’re thankful for.
Black Friday
November 29, 2024
Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping events of the year. Offer jaw-dropping deals, extended shopping hours, and exclusive products. Use teaser campaigns leading up to the day and ensure your online and offline store experiences are seamless.
Small Business Saturday
November 30, 2024
This is the day to celebrate and support local businesses. If you’re a small business, share your story, collaborate with neighboring businesses, or curate special deals. Engage with the community and highlight the importance of supporting local enterprises.

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December 2024 🎄

December is the year’s grand finale, marked by a flurry of festivities, family gatherings, and a heightened spirit of giving. With winter break in full swing and many taking their end-of-year PTO, there’s an undeniable air of celebration. The streets glitter with holiday lights, and there’s a palpable anticipation in the air. It’s the peak of the gifting season for businesses, with consumer spending reaching annual highs. 

As the days grow shorter and colder, the warmth of holiday cheer compensates, offering businesses a unique blend of opportunities to tap into the festivities. Let’s explore this final month’s key dates and how businesses can effectively engage with their customers during this time.

Cyber Monday
December 2, 2024
Continue the momentum from Black Friday with online exclusive deals. Focus on fast shipping and spotlight end-of-year clearance items to attract last-minute shoppers.
Giving Tuesday
December 3, 2024
Emphasize corporate social responsibility by aligning with a charitable cause. Encourage customers to make a difference with their purchases and consider donating a portion of sales to a chosen charity.
National Cookie Day
December 4, 2024
Engage customers with cookie-themed promotions or products. Share cookie recipes, collaborate with local bakeries, or introduce limited-time festive cookie flavors if it makes sense for your brand.
Green Monday
December 9, 2024
Green Monday is statistically one of the best days of the year for businesses to close holiday-related sales. Offer special promotions and deals to capitalize on a day where you can capture the most customer attention possible. 
National Free Shipping Day
December 14, 2024
Attract last-minute holiday shoppers by offering free shipping. Make sure to ensure timely email delivery and promote exclusive deals to drive sales.
First Day of Winter
December 21, 2024
The first day of Winter brings to mind the flurry of snow and the warmth of togetherness. Showcase your winter essentials by promoting bundled deals and highlighting comfort and coziness in your campaigns.
December 23, 2024
Tap into the iconic pop-culture reference by offering “Festivus miracles” deals or showcasing “feats of strength” in product durability.
Christmas Eve
December 24, 2024
Christmas Eve is the perfect time to target last-minute shoppers with quick-pick gift guides and express shipping options. Consider extending your store hours and focus on promoting gift cards as perfect last-minute presents.
Christmas Day and Hanukkah Begins (Federal Holiday)
December 25, 2024
Share heartfelt holiday messages and advertise post-Christmas sales. For Hanukkah, showcase themed products, share traditional stories, and offer daily deals for the festival’s eight days.
Boxing Day
December 26, 2024
On Boxing Day, offer post-holiday deals and highlight clearance sales. This is also the time to encourage customers to practice a little self care and treat themselves after the gifting season.
December 26, 2024 – January 1, 2025
Educate audiences about the cultural significance of Kwanzaa. Offer themed deals and products while spotlighting the seven principles of the holiday.
New Year’s Eve
December 31, 2024
It’s the end of the year. For New Year’s Eve, consider highlighting your best selling products and running last day of the year promotions. Offer party essentials, decor, and promotions on items for a fresh start in the new year.

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ActiveCampaign’s power in e-commerce

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Bringing it all together

Every month offers a fresh opportunity to connect with your audience, tapping into the events and emotions that resonate with them. Crafting the right message for each occasion can dramatically uplift your brand’s presence and sales. With the insights provided in this guide and the power of ActiveCampaign, your e-commerce business is poised to make the most of every opportunity throughout the year. 

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