Be as productive as a whole team

Ever wondered how solopreneurs find the time? Power your marketing with intelligent automation and see for yourself.

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Scale up where it counts the most

Automate tasks across your workflow to take on more ambitious projects and start turning your big ideas into a revenue-generating business.

Effortlessly manage cross-channel marketing

Run email, SMS, and web campaigns

Reach your contacts, wherever they are. ActiveCampaign integrates email marketing, SMS campaigns, social media, ads, and more–all in one place.

Personalize for every customer

Use your segmentation data to swap out headlines, content, and CTAs for each customer. Deliver a personalized experience every time.

Build your brand with professional design tools

Stunning emails on demand

Simply drag and drop the elements you want in the position you want them. Anyone can create professional-looking designs in no time.

Build landing pages in minutes

Running a new campaign or promotion? Effortlessly design a landing page to send traffic to, with customizable branding and CTA buttons.

Meet AI, your new co-worker

Create automations with plain language

Just write down what you want to achieve, and our natural language processing features will turn it into an automated workflow for you.

Find out more about your customers

Stay ahead of the competition with predictive AI tools. Our integrated AI helps you leverage insights to build more effective campaigns and find out which deals are most likely to close.

Get more value out of your contact list

Intelligent audience segmentation

Organize your contacts in a way that makes the most sense for your business. Tags and segments make it easy to get value out of your data–even when you’re running your project solo.

Keep track of leads in our CRM

Use our built-in CRM feature to manage all your opportunities in one place. Our pipeline and deal workflow to follow customers across the entire journey.

How Pitboss generated $76,000+ from a single campaign

Barbecue pioneers Pitboss bring the heat with personalized email campaigns at scale. Discover how they transformed their strategy with intelligent marketing automation.

786 %
Increased click-through rate within the first 3 months
Between two emails we did over $76,000 in revenue, and it was largely thanks to ActiveCampaign forms, tagging, and automation that we were able to do that.

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Free 14-day trial with email sign-up
Join over 150k customers. No credit card needed. Instant setup.