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Spend less time writing and more time growing your business. Our AI-powered tools make content marketing a breeze.

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Concept to content in one click

Our AI-powered content creation suite helps you build effective omnichannel marketing campaigns faster than ever before.

Use natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to generate personalized content tailored to your specific business. Take your content to the next level – and save time doing it.

Why use generative AI?

Discover how incorporating AI into your content creation workflow results in more compelling user experiences for your customers.

  • Create instant first drafts

    Get ahead of writer’s block. Generative AI helps you get ideas down on the page faster, so you can quickly build a first draft to get the ball rolling.

  • Add deeper personalization

    Automatically personalize content based on your contact data. Add context and watch our AI tools personalize general outreach in seconds.

  • Optimize the user journey

    Add more opportunities for 1:1 engagement without taking up more of your team’s time.

  • Generate and test variations

    Experiment with variants across your campaigns to identify what resonates best with customers – and improve their personalized experience.

What can you generate?

Here are just a few of the many ways you can start using generative AI in your marketing campaigns today.

  • Subject lines

    Instantly create a unique subject line for every email.

  • Headlines

    Generate customized eye-catching headlines based on the rest of your email content.

  • Content blocks

    Workshop the main content of your email. Make it more detailed or concise, test out different tones, and tweak it for engagement.

  • Calls-to-action

    Find out which CTAs are the most effective for your audience. AI helps you generate new options in seconds.

AI that grows with you

Our generative content tools learn from your feedback and preferences. Chat through your edits in plain text and watch the accuracy, relevance, and specific tone of your content improve with every draft.

It’s like having a professional editor on your team, helping you achieve your marketing goals with more effective content and email copy.

A male-presenting person using a cellphone outdoors. Overlaid is a box where a user can select the right tone for their email using generative AI tools.

Explore other AI tools across our platform

We use AI to power a whole suite of powerful features. Start optimizing your workflow today and take your growth to the next level.

  • AI-powered Automation Builder

    Set out what you want your automation to achieve in plain text, and our AI-powered builder will create it for you.

  • Win Probability

    See how likely each deal is to close based on every prospect’s data and preferences.

  • Predictive Sending

    Send your emails at the precise time your contacts are most likely to open them. We use machine learning to analyze behavior patterns and optimize for engagement.

  • Predictive Content

    Take the guesswork out of customer engagement by predicting the best content for each customer – and swapping it out at the right time.

Email Marketing

Build, send, automate, and track personalized email marketing campaigns to grow your business.

Chain of automation events related to customer email engagement. The background image is a female-presenting professional with a bright yellow sweater.

Email Designer

Create flawless emails in minutes with drag-and-drop design tools and over 250 pre-built templates.

Screenshot of the ActiveCampaign Email Designer Interface. Behind it is a picture of a male-presenting florist holding a wooden crate of lush plants.

Dynamic Content

Send the right content to the right people every time. Create dynamic and conditional content blocks that show different copy or media for each user.

A female-presenting person in a professional setting, overlaid with an email with a conditional content trigger.

Split Testing

Don’t just A/B test your campaigns: A/B/C/D/E test them. Compare the performance of up to five options and always pick the winning variation.

Two email alternatives shown side-by-side, representing how they are compared in ActiveCampaigns A/B and split testing features.

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