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Make sure every email you send is ready to grab attention – and convert it into revenue. Our design tools give you total control over your look and feel.

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Screenshot of the ActiveCampaign Email Designer interface. Behind it is a picture of a male-presenting florist holding a wooden crate of lush plants.

No design experience required

Create on-brand, engaging content in just a few clicks. Our email designer makes it easy for anyone on your team to design professional-looking emails. Simply select the elements you want and place them where you want them to go.

Nail the basics every time

Build trust with your audience with consistent branded communication. You’ll need an attention-grabbing headline, a captivating call to action, and an easy way to import your images.

Display of selecting Heading tags in the Email Designer UI.
  • Headings

    Got some persuasive copy that’s ready to convert? Our heading blocks make sure that it stands out as the first thing your audience sees.

  • Structures & blocks

    Easily format your email the way you want it. We offer flexible layout options, from multiple resizable columns to customizable spacers.

  • Customizable buttons

    Whether you’re after a big, bold call to action or something a bit more subtle, you can create it. Easily change the shape, color, border, alignment, and more.

  • Images & media

    Just click and drag to import your favorite images into ActiveCampaign, then effortlessly place them wherever you want them.

Customize emails for each customer with dynamic blocks

Once you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to start adding features that increase engagement. Here are a few of our favorite options.

  • Timers

    Counting down to a big event? Or running a limited-time sale? We make it simple to build dynamic timers that give every customer an accurate countdown.

    Example of a countdown timer added to an email. There are 12 days, 7 hours, 24 minutes, and 45 seconds left on the timer.
  • Video

    Embed your promotional videos into your emails and unlock more storytelling options.

    Example of a video element added to the body of an email.
  • Social icons

    Effortlessly direct customers to your social media platforms. Our pre-built options include YouTube, X, Instagram, and Facebook.

    A grid of 25 different social media icons, including Facebook, Instagram, Meetup, and more.
  • Menus

    Let your customers choose their own adventure. Create customizable menus that offer multiple click-through options to any destination.

    Example of a selection of choices added to an email.

The only limit is your creativity

When you want to create more ambitious designs, we give you the tools to go deeper.

An example of the email designer interface on the desktop with an image of the email being displayed on the screen of a phone.
  • Full HTML editing

    For more advanced users, our HTML editor gives you full access to the code behind your email designs. Create whatever you need, no restrictions.

  • Personalization tags

    Take your custom fields and turns them into personalization tags (also known as merge fields) that you can implement in your emails right away.

  • Dynamic & predictive content

    Swap out different images and text for different segments. Make sure everyone gets a seamless, targeted experience with conditional content and AI-powered predictive content based on user engagement data.

  • Responsive design

    Optimize for any device: desktop, mobile, and any screen size in between. Preview each option before you send.

Generative AI

Craft engaging copy at the click of a button. Use AI to create personalized content at scale, power on-brand campaigns with a consistent tone of voice, and instantly generate subject line ideas.

Example of user employing ActiveCampaign Generative AI to write an email. The user is hovering over the Make longer menu option.

Dynamic Content

Send the right content to the right people every time. Create dynamic and conditional content blocks that show different copy or media for each user.

A female-presenting person in a professional setting, overlaid with an email with a conditional content trigger.

Split Testing

Don’t just A/B test your campaigns: A/B/C/D/E test them. Compare the performance of up to five options and always pick the winning variation.

Two email alternatives shown side-by-side, representing how they are compared in ActiveCampaigns A/B and split testing features.

Email Marketing

Build, send, automate, and track personalized email marketing campaigns to grow your business.

Chain of automation events related to customer email engagement. The background image is a female-presenting professional with a bright yellow sweater.

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Free 14-day trial with email sign-up
Join over 150k customers. No credit card needed. Instant setup.