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Integrate Import2 Wizard with ActiveCampaign

Import2 Wizard will import your accounts, contacts, deals, activities, notes, and more directly from other apps or with CSV files. You can also use Import2 Wizard to export data into CSV files from ActiveCampaign and other cloud apps.

Enrich contacts with new information

Update data from the CSV file to fill in the blanks on your existing records.

Share data from ActiveCampaign with other teams or external parties

Have the freedom to select exactly the data you wish to download, so you can share with others who don't have access to your database.

Pull specific data for business analysis

Data is the backbone for informed decision-making. Extract exactly the details you need to support your business direction, or even to upload into other apps for informed analysis.

Migrate legacy data from other business apps

When switching to ActiveCampaign, you want to retain your historical business data. Use data you have saved in CSV format or move it from other apps.

Lite Plan

  • Backup your business data
  • Data cleansing and quality checks
  • Create associations between records
  • Auto-import new or updated information into your database

Plus Plan and Above

  • Import and export companies, contacts, deals and tasks

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