5 sales features to scale your sales processes

activecampaign account records in sales CRM

Scaling sales processes generally refers to putting the right systems and infrastructure in place to increase your sales team’s efficiency. The problem is that establishing these processes often takes a lot of time and manual effort – that could otherwise be focused on closing more deals. 

The solution? ActiveCampaign’s sales tools are as powerful as your need to grow and make it possible for you to scale your sales processes, without any extra effort, sales reps, or manual management.
Take a look at these 5 simple but mighty ways you can use ActiveCampaign’s sales features to improve and scale your sales processes.

account records in ActiveCampaign
  1. Keep track of all account activities in one convenient place

Save your sales team the headache of jumping between multiple tools and systems to keep track of engagement with an account. Now when you view an account record in ActiveCampaign you’ll be able to see a complete record of recent activity including: 

  • Completed task activity and task outcomes on associated contacts and deals 
  • Account owner changes 
  • 1:1 emails sent and received through connected emails in the CRM 
  • Engagement tracking (open and link clicks) for 1:1 emails 
Blog Task Complete Trigger

2. Trigger an automation when a Contact or Deal task is completed

What’s something all sales reps have in common? A mile long to-do list. But forget the pen and paper – ActiveCampaign makes it easy to automatically create and manage tasks related to your contacts and deals. Even better, you can kick off dozens of automated workflows whenever a task is marked as complete. For example, you can automatically send a follow up email after a call with a prospect or move a lead to a different stage in your pipeline after a successful meeting. If you aren’t sure where to get started, check out one of the pre-built task completion automation recipes. 

For example:

  • Automatically send a follow up email after a call with a prospect
  • Move a lead to a different stage in your pipeline after a successful meeting
  • Put a customer in an onboarding flow after they sign a contract
  • And more! 

To get started try out one of these pre-built automation recipes.

3. Store and access files in one convenient location

Proposals, order forms, contracts, invoices – the list of files a sales rep manages goes on and on. Sales reps need quick access to important documents so that they can reference them in conversation with prospects and customers. Files on Deals allow you to pull up relevant files for your customers, preventing you from flipping through folders or needing to manage a separate system for file storage. 

Our easy management system lets you do the following with files in multiple formats (like pdf, doc, csv, jpg, and more!):

  • Upload
  • Rename 
  • Download
  • Delete

4. Quickly edit multiple accounts and deals to keep your CRM organized and up-to-date.

An organized and up-to-date CRM is at the foundation of every successful sales process. But gone are the days of reviewing and updating accounts and deals one by one. Bulk editing account and deal information can help you be more efficient in managing your CRM and pipelines and provides ease when managing workflows. You can use this feature to re-assign deals to new reps, move several deals over to a new pipeline, or make bulk edits to custom fields – all of in a matter of a few clicks.

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5. Segment automations based on engagement with 1:1 emails

Segmentation is the key to bring more personalization into your sales process. You can segment automations based on 1:1 email opens, clicks, replies and use those conditions to trigger highly personalized communications and timely sales tasks to move deals through your pipeline faster.   

Here are some pre-built automations you can trigger based on engagement with automated 1:1 emails.

Stay in the know about all of the latest and greatest sales product updates from ActiveCampaign on our release updates page. And if you’re not a customer but ready to start scaling your sales process, Sign up for a free 14-day trial and see what the hype is all about.