Drive relationships forward to grow your business

Build and maintain 1:1 relationships at scale no matter how big you grow with the power of automation. Keep existing customers happy, nurture new relationships, and grow your business with the power of a connected CRM backed by customer experience automation.

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Customer Experience Automation for B2B


Customer Experience Automation

Grow your business with ActiveCampaign

Relationships are important in the B2B world. We’re in the B2B business too – we get it. We help B2B businesses drive growth through ActiveCampaign’s automation platform that lets you connect with your customers, at the right time in their buying cycle, with outreach personalized just for them.

Reach and engage customers across the customer lifecycle

Ensure sales is in lock-step with marketing and customer service to deliver the best experience for customers across their entire journey with your business.

Find the right targets and grow your audience

Capture customers attention with messages that match their preferences

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Seamlessly connect to your customers across all channels

Deliver a consistent and connected experience across email, text, messaging, chat, and social.

Save time while driving growth

Automate your sales process to allow sales to focus energy on the deals most important to their pipeline.
Get access to a library of:

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Connect to your favorite apps

Integrate with your favorite apps to build the most flexible and connected stack to grow your business.

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Dramatically increase the growth of your business by pairing Salesforce with the world’s leading customer experience solution.

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Unleash new growth opportunities for your business by connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 with ActiveCampaign.

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Automate data collection and eliminate manual tasks with Google Sheets integration.

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Capture new leads and engage with customers by connecting your Facebook with ActiveCampaign.

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With over 870+ apps, you can connect with the tools that that fit your business

Built for the way you do business now and here to support you as you grow in the future

Email Marketing

Use targeted, triggered emails to create automated timely follow up, promote new offers, stay engaged and connected to your customers.

CRM & Sales Automation

Track leads, manage customer health, keep consistent client data records, and ensure your sales and success teams are on the same page.

Marketing Automation

Automatically target the right prospects or customers and manage the marketing no one else has time for.

Service & Support

Connect email, live chat, and text interactions so all teams are aware of support issues, upsell opportunities, and more.


Customer Experience Automation across all areas of your business

Sales automation to keep your team on the same page so nothing slips through the cracks.

Deliver connected experiences across channels.

Anticipate customer needs and improve every interaction.

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Everything you need to create unique and scalable customer experiences.

Account based marketing capabilities at scale


Segement against any characteristic to deliver hyper-personalized communications based on their unique needs and preferences.


Increase lead quality for every rep

Lead scoring

With lead scoring and win probability connected to CRM, reps can prioritize their daily outreach focusing on the contacts more likely to buy.

Lead scoring

Make support teams more effective


Use chat and chatbots directly on your website to speak to customers in real-time with live or automated messages all while linking back to contact records for a seamless conversation.


Account based marketing capabilities at scale

Web Personalization

Use web personalization to show each site visitor content that is right for them and drive more interest and better conversion rates off the bat.

Web Personalization

Capture customer requests


Collect customer information to facilitate easy scheduling for meetings, demos, and consultations using customizable forms.


Manage sales pipeline

Sales pipeline

Create customizable pipelines to manage leads, trigger follow-up tasks, and nurture ongoing relationships with customers.

Sales pipeline

Show up like a pro

Landing pages

Access to a library of professionally designed templates for landing pages, emails to create a consistent and professional brand experience.

Landing pages

Tailor prospect conversations

Website tracking

Track prospect preferences based on their behaviors on your website, then use that information to personalize rep follow-up conversations.

Website tracking

Find the right plan for your B2B business

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ActiveCampaign gives you the tools you need to be successful today and in the future

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