Unified & actionable data to grow your business

Custom objects give you a complete view of every customer and their touchpoints by unifying data from the apps you use the most across your entire tech stack. 

Create powerful workflows from that data and automate 1:1 customer experiences that make your business stand out — and accelerate your growth.

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Take action on what really matters to your customers and your business


Develop powerful workflows using any data from the apps, tools, or spreadsheets you already use to run your business.


Understand every touchpoint with your customers in the moment — without losing any historical context.


Use in automations, deliver more 1:1 communications, bring in more data through forms, and build completely customized reports.


Surpass customer expectations by using actionable data to create experiences that drive growth.


Automate dynamic customer experiences

Understand your complete customer relationships

Go beyond marketing and sales data to create meaningful workflows that help all teams build a deep customer understanding.


With a complete record of how every customer has engaged with your business, you can automate the most relevant experience possible.

accounts customobjects
contacts customobjects

See comprehensive account data from a single view

Have all relevant account information at your fingertips and ready for for use in your marketing and sales efforts.


When everything you need is visible and actionable from the account view, your team can rally fast and win together.

Get actionable insights from all your open deals

Ensure all teams have the context they need to push open deals forward.


Use unique customer actions you define to keep open deals moving through your pipeline.

deals customobjects

Bring in more data from enhanced app integrations...


...or create your own custom objects using any data you use to run your business.

Create your own in a few simple clicks?

Easily create and manage any custom objects you can imagine directly within the app — no coding needed.

Looking to set up a more complex connection?

Build and host your own ActiveCampaign integration using our custom objects API.

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