Extend your team with powerful automations

Punch above your weight and run more effective marketing campaigns. Our automation tools help you scale up your email marketing, sales outreach, and more.

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Reach more customers with omnichannel campaigns

Boost your marketing effectiveness by finding and engaging your contacts on the channels that matter most to them. Effortlessly combine email automation with SMS, social media, web, and ad campaigns.

Stand out with on-brand, personalized marketing

Take your content to the next level

Get everything you need for conversion-driving email and web campaigns in one place. ActiveCampaign makes it easy to create and design emails, landing pages, and sign-up forms.

Personalize for every customer

Create and test dynamic and conditional content blocks that show different copy or media for each user.

Screenshot of the ActiveCampaign Email Designer Interface. Behind it is a picture of a male-presenting florist holding a wooden crate of lush plants.

Improve your audience management

Refine your contact list

Segment your audience based on what matters most to your business. Find new ways to capture data and use it to deliver meaningful customer experiences.

Keep track of opportunities in our CRM

Track the entire customer journey from start to finish and take new deals over the line. Our built-in CRM aligns your sales and marketing efforts to help you secure more revenue.

Scale your operations with integrated AI

Tell AI what you want to automate

It’s simple: just write the automation you want to achieve in plain language, and our AI-powered builder will create it for you–ready for you to use, test, or modify.

Get smarter customer insights

Our integrated AI enables you to harness your data to create more impactful campaigns and identify which deals are most likely to be successful.

Track, report, and iterate your campaigns

Try out up to five options

Test up to five different versions of your emails to make sure you’re using the option that gets the most attention, engagement, and conversions.

Know your marketing ROI

Gather valuable data from across your campaigns and turn it into simplified, actionable reports. Better understand your marketing effectiveness and uncover growth opportunities.

How cable specialist Morrow Audio won back abandoned carts

75% of shoppers abandon their online carts. But with intelligent marketing automation, Morrow Audio won back 26% of incomplete sales and $30k in revenue.

Won back in lost sales with abandoned cart emails
Even though I’m the CEO, president, and founder of Morrow Audio, because ActiveCampaign is so easy to use – I enjoy doing it! And the website is a selling machine. All I have to do is get people to show up and they buy.

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Free 14-day trial with email sign-up
Join over 150k customers. No credit card needed. Instant setup.