Track campaign metrics with powerful reporting

Drive more value out of your campaigns with our holistic reporting options. See what works, identify any gaps, and effortlessly quantify your ROI.

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Get meaningful insights about your audiences

Bring data from across your campaigns into one place to see what resonates best with your contacts. With our comprehensive reporting features, you can create and customize dashboards to compare your most important metrics side-by-side.

Make the most of your segments, spot trends before anyone else, and find the most effective ways to visualize your marketing and sales performance.

Reporting options for any business

No matter what you do, our platform helps you find a way to cut through the noise and get to the data that matters most.

  • Automation

    See which automations are the most effective. Compare triggers, conditions, scheduling, and more.
  • Sales engagement

    Track the impact of your 1:1 outreach and see which personalizations have the biggest impact.
  • Contacts

    Get a holistic overview of your contact and tag trends, and get comprehensive field breakdowns across your segments.

  • Campaign performance

    Explore open/read trends, predictive content sending times, and detailed info about your email client.

Find out more about your business’s growth

See which factors are driving your growth the most–and which ones are limiting it.

  • Website

    Measure form activity and get insights from site and event tracking. 

  • Deals overview

    Follow your pipeline and get actionable insights about in-progress deals.

  • Conversion attribution

    Find out which channels and campaigns are turning customer attention into conversions.
  • Marketing revenue

    Map out your revenue and see what’s driving it–or limiting it.

Build custom reports in a few clicks

Create unique dashboards and start presenting your data in ways that make sense for your business or organization.
  • Looks

    A look is a single visualized report. Every report you create and save in ActiveCampaign will be its own unique look.
  • Visualizations

    Choose how the data in each look is presented. Our flexible presentation options include line charts, bar charts, and pie charts.
  • Custom dashboards

    A dashboard is a collection of looks that can have global filters applied. When you create a new look, you’ll have the option to save it to a new dashboard or an existing one.

  • Measures & dimensions

    Dimensions will define the data that is contained in your report, such as a contact name, contact ID, or city. Measures are metrics associated with the data in your account and include things like daily unique clicks, total bounces, or unique automations completed.

Capture the metrics that matter to you

Start tracking everything across your campaigns to build more relevant–and effective–marketing and sales initiatives.

  • Engagement
  • Deals won
  • Site activity
  • App events
  • Sales performance
  • Pipeline health
  • Email opens
  • Click-through rates
  • Conversions
  • Form completions
  • 1:1 email replies
  • Website visits


Make sure your emails arrive every time. Our best-in-class infrastructure and technical know-how makes sure your emails always land in the inbox.
A female-presenting person looking at a cellphone outdoors. Overlaid are deliverability stats showing ActiveCampaign at 94% deliverability.

Site & Event Tracking

Effortlessly track user behaviors and actions across your website and gather actionable insights about your contacts and customers.

A smiling female-presenting office worker looking at a laptop, with site tracking data superimposed.

Split Testing

Don’t just A/B test your campaigns: A/B/C/D/E test them. Compare the performance of up to five options and always pick the winning variation.

Two email alternatives shown side-by-side, representing how they are compared in ActiveCampaigns A/B and split testing features.


Use your data to attribute every conversion and prioritize your channels based on campaign effectiveness.
Two female-presenting office workers looking at a laptop. Superimposed above them is attribution data from a marketing automation campaign.

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