Discover what works with data-driven split testing

Don’t just A/B test your campaigns–A/B/C/D/E test them. Use our advanced split testing to compare up to five emails at a time and to find the winning formula.

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Two email alternatives shown side-by-side, representing how they are compared in ActiveCampaigns A/B and split testing features.

Understand which messages resonate with your audience

Effective marketing puts the right content in front of the right people at the right time. The challenge is finding out what’s ‘right’ for each situation.

That’s where our split testing options come in. We give you the tools to test and compare every element of your marketing strategy, from copy and images to automations themselves. Then you can either analyze the data yourself or automatically use the best-performing options.

No test is too big or too small

So, what can you test? To put it simply: almost everything. Our deep testing capabilities give you full control over every element of your campaigns. But here are a few key tests to help get you started.

  • Subject lines & pre-headers

    Finding the perfect subject line can be tricky. But our split testing helps you find out which one your audience prefers to click on.

  • Email content blocks

    Swap out content blocks and see which email gets the best results. Shorter paragraphs? Line breaks? Different headings? Put it all to the test.

  • Images & videos

    Discover which types of media are the most engaging for your audience. Do static images, gifs, or embedded video clips get more attention? Find out what your customers think.

  • Calls-to-action

    Compare variations of your call-to-action copy, button formats, placement, frequency, and so much more.

If you can automate it, you can split test it

Find out which automated workflows are the most effective by testing different options. Here are just a few of the elements you can swap out and compare.

  • Wait times

    Find the perfect cadence for your follow-ups and reminders by measuring the data. See how often people prefer to be contacted and adjust your delays.

  • Number of emails

    See if your audience prefers an occasional deep-dive or small but frequent updates. Give them just enough content to maximize engagement.

  • Marketing channels

    Do SMS messages work better for reminders than emails? Now’s your chance to find out by testing options across different channels.

  • Sales team outreach

    Optimize your sales engagement approach by testing different outreach options and taking the most effective route.

What does success look like for your business?

Decide what makes a winning automation or campaign based on your key metrics. Compare any of the factors that matter to your business and find out which initiatives are the most successful.

A busy, modern coffee shop, overlaid with deliverability stats for three email campaigns.
  • Email opens

    A great way to measure subject lines and send time performance. Email opens give you a good idea of how appealing your email looks in the inbox.

  • Click-through rate

    Track the amount of clicks across all your campaigns. Great for determining the effectiveness of email content, images and calls to action.

  • Conversion rates

    Which of your options ultimately drives the most revenue? Compare across all stages of the funnel and measure against your click rate for the full picture.

  • Site activity

    When people click onto your site through your campaigns, where do they go? See how different landing pages and destinations perform by testing.

Stay one step ahead with goal and conversion tracking

Let’s say a contact visits your website, triggers a specific event, or makes a purchase of a certain value. With a conversion action, you can end the automation and analyze the data that got you there.

Our goal and conversion tracking helps you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and tests. Run multiple automations at the same time, and use conversions to capture a snapshot of what brings in the most revenue.

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Site & Event Tracking

Effortlessly track user behaviors and actions across your website and gather actionable insights about your contacts and customers.

A smiling female-presenting office worker looking at a laptop, with site tracking data superimposed.

Email Marketing

Build, send, automate, and track personalized email marketing campaigns to grow your business.

Chain of automation events related to customer email engagement. The background image is a female-presenting professional with a bright yellow sweater.


Leverage our holistic reporting tools to track your campaign's value, understand your ROI, and pinpoint gaps across your marketing strategy.

A smiling coffee shop owner checking email reports and engagement stats on an iPad.

Automation Recipes

Save more time with our library of 900+ pre-built automations. We’ve put together ready-to-go workflows for every industry, so you can get up-and-running with powerful automations right away.

Static example of an email-related automation workflow where a Calendly meeting is scheduled, an email is sent, then branches based on if the meeting was attended.

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