Create Leads in Salesforce Automation Recipe Pt 2


How do you automatically create a lead in Salesforce once a contact takes a qualifying action? Use this automation recipe for automatic lead conversion and Salesforce lead management.

(Before importing this automation, set up your Salesforce integration and import Salesforce Lead Generation - Pt 1.)

In Pt. 1 you defined a lead scoring system, and defined the contact actions that result in a change in lead status. You've sent your contacts automated emails with opportunities to take qualifying actions. What happens once they complete those qualifying events?

When a contact completes a defined qualifying action, this automation is triggered and generates a lead in Salesforce for that contact.

With this automation recipe you can:

- Turn email contacts into sales qualified leads
- Identify leads ready to talk to your sales team
- Tag engaged contacts as "Qualified"
- Automatically add qualified leads to the corresponding Salesforce lead stages

Here's how this automation works:

1. We have four example triggers set up for this automation, but you will want to adjust them to your actual qualifying events. These can include events being recorded, tags being added within ActiveCampaign, and more.
2. Once a contact takes one of these actions, an If/Else check will make sure the contact doesn't have a "Qualified" tag yet.
3. If they don't have the "Qualified" tag, they will gain the tag in ActiveCampaign and have a lead created in Salesforce.
4. If they do have the tag, then they already have a lead created and have simply completed a second qualifying event. They will exit the automation instead. This helps prevent the creation of duplicate leads.

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