Use lead scoring to identify and qualify leads faster

Focus your efforts, prioritize key leads, and drive revenue. Our powerful lead scoring features help you identify high-value contacts and opportunities.

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See how engaged each contact is at a glance 

What is a lead score? It’s a simple number that ranks your contacts based on their actions. 

Do they visit your site? Open an email? Submit a form? Add to their lead score and watch it go up or down based on how contacts interact with your business.

Optimize your sales workflow

Lead scoring makes it easier to turn pipelines into revenue. Use lead scores as a way to focus your efforts on the contacts that are most likely to turn into customers.

  • Tell your team about the hottest leads

    Automatically trigger email notifications and assign tasks based on lead score changes, so you can always follow up with the deals most likely to close.

  • Start automations for your most interested contacts

    When a contact hits a certain score, start an automation. Automatically send your most engaged contacts the information they need, then make an offer that’s a no-brainer.

  • Assign scores to individual contacts or overall deals

    Score your individual contacts based on their actions and interest. Or attach a score to an overall deal, so you know how likely the deal is to close—even if your primary contact changes.

  • Set up scores for everything you offer

    What if you offer multiple products? Or different services? You can set up multiple lead scores, so that you can track interest for each of your offerings individually.

Adjust a score based on anything

Monitor and score the actions that make the most sense for your business. Here are just a few of our hundreds of options.

  • Opens an email
  • Clicks a link
  • Replies to your email
  • Visits a product page
  • Visits your pricing page
  • Completes an automation
  • Purchases a product
  • Abandons cart
  • Achieves a goal
  • Registers for an event
  • Downloads a file
  • ...& hundreds more options

Win Probability

Optimize your marketing and sales efforts by predicting which deals are most likely to close. Our win probability feature uses AI to analyze every deal and give them a score based on relevant metrics.

A male presenting person in a bright, open plan office. Superimposed above them is the ActiveCampaign win probability interface, showing a 51% likelihood of a deal going through.


Manage your leads in one place with our fully-featured CRM tool. Track your prospects from the first interaction all the way through to closing the deal.

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Leverage our holistic reporting tools to track your campaign's value, understand your ROI, and pinpoint gaps across your marketing strategy.

A smiling coffee shop owner checking email reports and engagement stats on an iPad.


Use your data to attribute every conversion and prioritize your channels based on campaign effectiveness.

Two female-presenting office workers looking at a laptop. Superimposed above them is attribution data from a marketing automation campaign.

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