Beta Program Opt-in Flow


Beta programs are hard work with a lot of processes to keep track of, so why not automate the processes?

Allowing an audience to try out a new feature has a myriad of benefits. You start getting actual data around how your various customers will use this new feature, can work on any issues that arise, and hear valuable feedback on how to improve the feature before it's finalized version.

This automation messages contacts to set expectations on the program and, if the contact is chosen, also sends instructions on how to get started. The automation is triggered when a contact submits your form to opt-in for consideration of your beta program.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The automation is triggered when a contact submits your beta program opt-in form.
2. The contact moves to a sent email step setting expectations if they're chosen.
3. The contact is then held until they are approved as a beta user for up to 30 days. After 30 days, the contact will move forward regardless.
4. The contact reaches an If/Else action that checks if they are approved as a Beta User.
5. If they are, they go down the Yes path and are sent an email welcoming them to the program.
6. If they are not, they go down the No path and exit the automation.

Note: In our example, we check the contact being approved as a beta user by checking for if a tag of Beta User exists that would be added either manually or by an automation like our two part "Beta Program Participant Qualification" recipe. Feel free to adjust these conditions to however you track the approval.

Note: If you are accepting all users into your beta program, then we encourage you to check our automation recipe "Beta Program Messaging".

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