Use forms to turn visitors into leads

Whether you need sign-up forms, questionnaires, lead magnets, or anything else, our form builder tool helps you frictionlessly gather the right data and start turning it into revenue.

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A representation of the ActiveCampaign form builder interface being used to create a sign-up form for dog adoption, superimposed over an adorable puppy photograph.

Set the stage for personalized customer experiences

To build effective marketing campaigns, you need to understand your audience. Our form builder makes it easier than ever to ask the important questions – and get the answers you need.

Effortlessly create and embed forms across your ActiveCampaign landing pages and your own sites. We help you get the info you need to grow without disrupting the user journey.

Make a great first impression

Build on your campaign’s momentum and use the data you’ve gathered from forms to trigger the next stage of your marketing and sales engagement right away.

Example of automation steps over an image of a female-presenting professional looking at a laptop they are holding.
  • Start an automation

    Start a welcome series. Or deliver a lead magnet. Don’t wait to nurture your contacts.

  • Add a tag

    Track where leads come from and what they’re interested in. Segment your contacts right away.

  • Notify your team

    Send your team a notification to follow up with high-value leads.

  • Add to lists or deals

    Keep your contacts organized by adding them to multiple lists or deals.

Choose the best form for your user experience

Different pages work best with different types of forms. Choose from four form types to remove friction and convert more visitors into contacts.

  • Inline form

    Seamlessly embed your customized forms into your web pages for frictionless sign-ups.

  • Floating box

    Build and personalize a floating box that sits in the corner of your web experience.

    Example of a form in a floating box with a dark blue background.
  • Modal pop-up

    Create on-brand pop-ups to highlight new services, offers, and discounts.

    A form embedded in a modal floating over a web page.
  • Floating bar

    Add a persistent bar at the bottom of your site to gather data and direct people to sign up.

    A website with an inline form on the bottom of the viewport.

Forms fit right into your marketing strategy

Here are just a few of the practical ways you can use forms today to start growing your business and driving results.

  • Discover more about your audience

    Collect a visitor’s demographic data, preferences, and more through standard and custom fields, and automatically kickoff follow-up actions across email, CRM, and other channels.

  • Build unique customer profiles

    Populate contact records with information that offers a complete, detailed history of how each customer interacts with your business across all channels, services, and products.

  • Show forms at the right time

    Convert more website visitors by displaying forms when they’re most likely to share info, based on their behaviors and interests.

  • Add new forms to your website in just a few clicks

    Whether you’re adding a form to an ActiveCampaign landing page or you use a third party, embed your forms across your website in a matter of minutes.


Sort and tag contacts and use your data to build more relevant user journeys for every customer.

A male-presenting person using a laptop, overlaid with a marketing automation that sends an 1:1 email when a contact interacts with an upsell campaign.

Email Marketing

Build, send, automate, and track personalized email marketing campaigns to grow your business.

Chain of automation events related to customer email engagement. The background image is a female-presenting professional with a bright yellow sweater.

Dynamic Content

Send the right content to the right people every time. Create dynamic and conditional content blocks that show different copy or media for each user.

A female-presenting person in a professional setting, overlaid with an email with a conditional content trigger.


Manage your leads in one place with our fully-featured CRM tool. Track your prospects from the first interaction all the way through to closing the deal.

Two male-presenting professionals looking at a monitor and having a conversation. Examples of CRM steps are placed over the image.

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Free 14-day trial with email sign-up
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