ActiveCampaign’s Customer Advisory Board Achieves Hundreds Of Product Enhancements, Kicks Off Year 2

ActiveCampaign’s inaugural Customer Advisory Board (CAB) has been a driving force in our success this past year, informing hundreds of product enhancements and new features that are now being used by hundreds of thousands of customers. The positive impact this group continues to make for all of our customers and partners is not just incredible, it’s invaluable. We truly appreciate their contributions and we aren’t slowing down anytime soon!

This month, we are welcoming the new CAB cohort, which includes some returning and some new members. For those who aren’t familiar with this group, our CAB serves as a forum for some of our most engaged customers and partners to provide feedback and recommendations to help guide our product strategy and roadmap, and ultimately strengthen our customer experience. 

They’ve been instrumental in shaping the direction of our product moving forward to ensure it meets both customer and market needs. They’ve also worked closely with our product team members here at ActiveCampaign to inform updates and improvements.

The 2024-2025 CAB comprises a diverse group of ActiveCampaign customers, spanning across industries and company sizes. Together, they unite in a common dedication to enhancing our company’s customer experience. Selected for their capacity to offer unique perspectives and guidance, our members contribute rich expertise and hands-on experience. They will frequently meet with our product team, fostering tight collaboration in our product evolution, research initiatives, and knowledge exchange.

Meet ActiveCampaign’s 2024-2025 Customer Advisory Board members: 

We are thrilled about the continued success of our ActiveCampaign CAB and eagerly look forward to working with our members to achieve a positive outcome for all current and future customers. 

Interested in applying for our next cohort of Customer Advisory Board members? Send us an email at