Announcing Automations Map: All Your Automations in a Single View

Marketing automation is at its most powerful when it goes beyond simple, linear drip campaigns. When you create a web of connected automations that work together, you can use automations to power entire sections of your business—everything from social media and SMS reminders, to sales and customer service.
Today, we’re rolling out Automations Map, the first and only visualization tool that lets you see how automations work together. We brought the first vertical visualization approach to automations, and now we’re changing how users see the holistic view of their automations.
Connected automations are powerful, but they can also be difficult to keep track of. When you have a lot of automations, it’s sometimes difficult to see how everything fits together. That’s why we set out to make our already intuitive automations UI even easier to use.
In the Automations Map, you can get an at-a-glance view of your automations, a visualization of how your automations connect, and a high-level overview of how your automations are performing.
By making it easy to set up and manage powerful automations, the Automations Map will help you spend less time managing your automations and more time letting them run – while you work on other parts of your business.

The Map Page: A visual overview of your automations

In the Map Page, you can see all of the automations in your account, as well as their status. This makes it easier to navigate your automations. It can also be helpful information as you map out new automations or adjust your strategy.
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Clicking on an individual automation brings up Map Links and Map Shelf.

Map Links: Connections between your automations

Automations are most powerful when you link them together to achieve a common goal. Map Links make it easy to see which automations are connected to each other.
When you click on an automation in the Automations Map, you bring up a view of connected automations. These Map Links make it easier to plan new automations or update existing ones.
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When you build automations for your business, we usually recommend building multiple, smaller, connected automations over one large automation.
This modular approach to automations makes it easier to adjust automations, add contacts manually, and onboard new people in your account. You can learn more about the approach in our guide: Building Automations in ActiveCampaign: Best Practices.
Map Links make it easier to see connections between automations—which in turn makes it easier to build modular automations that are easier to manage in your business.

Map Shelf: Automations performance at a glance

When you click on a specific automation, the Map Shelf pops up alongside Map Links. In the Map Shelf, you can see high-level reports on the performance of each automation.
These stats are the same as those available in the automations overview. They are

  • Connections: Automations that are started and ended by selected automation
  • Contacts: Contacts currently in the automation, Contacts that entered in the past 30 days.
  • Campaigns: List of campaigns within the automation, with open rates
  • Goals: List of Goals within the automation, completion rates

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The Automations Map is available to all plans and tiers. For more information on the Automations Map, read our help documentation.

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