How to Use ActiveCampaign and Interact Quizzes to Segment Your Email List

How to Use ActiveCampaign and Interact Quizzes to Segment Your Email List

This post was contributed by Joanna May at Interact.

If you’re interested in email marketing, you’ve probably heard about segmenting your email list.

But just because you’ve heard of it doesn’t mean you’re actually doing it.

You might wonder how to get started segmenting or how to decide on your segments.

Or you might even think, “Is it hard?”

Luckily, through ActiveCampaign and Interact Quiz Builder, you can start segmenting your email list the easy way!

What is Interact Quiz Builder?

If you aren’t familiar with Interact, it’s a platform that lets you build quizzes that people can take online.

You know those Buzzfeed-style quizzes that get shared on social media all the time?

Yeah, you can make those on Interact.

But Interact’s real superpower is that you can use those quizzes as a lead magnet to get people onto your email list AND segment them — all at the same time.

Bloggers, course creators, influencers, and businesses of all kinds have been very successful in getting people to subscribe.

When you make a quiz with Interact, you group your quiz-takers together based on quiz results. These results are based on the common answers they choose throughout the quiz. You can ask about their interests, their actions, their characteristics, or anything else you can imagine.

Can you see how the results could be useful for segmenting your audience?

The Interact platform scores the quiz and shares results with the quiz-takers. It also automatically sends the segmented subscribers to ActiveCampaign, where you can set up automations to send the right emails to each segment on your list.

In this post, I’m sharing exactly how to make that happen!

Lead generation quiz tips from the pros

Because I wanted to give you the very best tips from people who know what they’re doing, I reached out to some serious Interact and ActiveCampaign users who are doing a great job with their segmentation.

One of the pros I talked with was Kate Kordsmeier of and She’s a busy lady! Root and Revel is a lifestyle blog that focuses on “natural, mindful living,” and Kate teaches all about building a successful blog on her personal website.

She created a quiz called “What Kind of Blog Should I Start?” to help people decide what kind of blog fits them best.

85690qkw 1

The quiz identifies one of six different blog types that the quiz-taker should start. People end up with results such as mommy blogger, lifestyle blogger, travel blogger, business blogger, food blogger, and wellness blogger.

Kate told me that she wanted to make a quiz as a lead magnet for her email list for two reasons:

  1. People love taking quizzes and learning more about themselves;
  2. A quiz gives tons of insight into her subscribers and helps her target her messaging to those subscribers

She can then use that information to more effectively market her courses and products to those segments on her list.

Another expert I talked to was Kamila Gornia, a social media strategist and business coach behind Heart Behind Hustle. She created a quiz called “What is Your Authority Brand Style?” where she helps entrepreneurs figure out how to be an authority online.

jkzoe50v3 2

Kamila’s quiz results include Coach, Unicorn, BS Slayer, and several others. She gives a brief introduction to the result and sends an in-depth guide of the result to the new subscriber’s inbox.

She chose a quiz as a lead magnet because people respond to them, ads for quizzes do well with a high conversion rate and low CPC, and quizzes can educate the quiz-takers. That’s an added bonus when you want to establish yourself as an expert with your subscribers.

Plus, getting your Interact and ActiveCampaign integration set up is easy.

How to set up your ActiveCampaign and Interact integration

There are 3 steps to successfully set up your integration:

  1. Create your quiz with your results in Interact
  2. Create tags and automations for each of your segments in ActiveCampaign
  3. Connect Interact and ActiveCampaign

How to create a quiz in Interact

When you create a quiz in Interact, you can choose between assessment quizzes, personality quizzes, and scored quizzes.

Personality quizzes convert VERY well for quiz creators in many niches. (So do the other types, but personality quizzes are by far the favorite!)

You then add your descriptive quiz results, write your questions and answers, and style your quiz. Interact lets you get as creative as you want by adding images, GIFS, and your branding to the quizzes. You can make the perfect quiz to reach your audience.

To show you how to set up the integration between Interact and ActiveCampaign, I created a personality quiz to help people discover what type of digital marketer they are.

k6lmshbo 3

In case you’re interested in learning more about quiz-building, here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your first quiz.

My quiz has five results that I’ll use for segmenting my email lists. They’re common approaches people take to their digital marketing.

The results are:

  1. Content Marketing Mogul
  2. Savvy Social Streamer
  3. Quintessential Marketing Genius
  4. Email Marketing Machine
  5. Mass Media Movie Maven

Now that my quiz is created, it’s time to set up the segments in ActiveCampaign.

How to set up your segments in ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign gives you a lot of flexibility in how you want to set up your segments.

And there are differing opinions about which way is the best.

My personal preference for setting up segments is to put everyone who takes the quiz onto one list and then use tags to segment them based on their results.

I called my list Digital Marketing Quiz Takers, because I like to make sure that I know what the purpose of the list is. Since I plan to make more quizzes in the future, I want to make sure that I can tell who took which quiz!

The picture below is of the tags that I created for my quiz results. You’ll notice they are very similar to the quiz results.

jbjum27lu 4

I can use these tags as triggers when I create the automations in ActiveCampaign, and I have one tag for each of my quiz results.

But these automations don’t have to be complicated.

Kate and Kamila take very different approaches in how they handle their quiz result automations, which just goes to show that there’s no one right answer to how you set up your automations.

Kate shared that her current automation simply tags the quiz-taker with their quiz result and then moves them to her welcome sequence. She can then use those tags as needed in the future.

Kamila has a slightly more involved automation for the segments based on her quiz results.

Subscribers who take the quiz get an email with their specific result. It’s also added to the subscriber profile in ActiveCampaign as a custom field. She then adds them to a sequence where they’re nurtured towards a call AND she uses the quiz results in the custom field to personalize the emails even further.

Kamila shared a screenshot of part of the automation for one of her quiz result segments, and it’s a thing of beauty:

i6c12oegk 5

Notice how she set up an automation to move her subscribers through her funnel towards becoming her coaching clients. The automation also has conditions based on subscriber behavior.

That way, her subscribers get emails that are relevant to where they are — and coach them to where they need to be.

The automations I created for my quizzes aren’t quite as complicated as Kamila’s, but they do just what I want them to do.

Each one is exactly the same, but I customize the content for the quiz result.

Here’s my automation for the Savvy Social Streamer:

gd1gseiy3 6

Now that the segments are ready to go, it’s time for the final step: integrating Interact and ActiveCampaign.

How to connect Interact and ActiveCampaign

The final step of the integration process might be the easiest.

Begin by going back to your quiz and clicking on “Connect your email list” in the top left corner.

zrwprb1h7 7

Then choose ActiveCampaign, which is the very first email marketing program listed.

The next step asks for your ActiveCampaign API key and URL, which you’ll find in your ActiveCampaign Settings under Developer.

2kphngpte 8

When you add it to Interact, notice that they have the API key on top and the URL on the bottom.

abp4gfe27 9

Copy and paste the information from ActiveCampaign and click Connect API.

Once that’s done, you’re ready to set up the Interact triggers and ActiveCampaign actions for each of your quiz results.

To map out my connections, I clicked on “Map quiz data to your email list” at the top left and the triggers and actions for each of my quiz results popped up.

As you can see, each quiz result becomes a trigger for automations in ActiveCampaign.

There are four different actions you can add, and you can have as many as you want.

For my quiz, I added two actions because I want the quiz-takers on a specific list with a specific tag.

kjalwr9te 11

Since I set the trigger for the automation as “When ________ tag is added,” I don’t need to add the automation in here.

I do, however, need to make sure that the tag matches what I put for the tag in ActiveCampaign or the automation doesn’t trigger like it’s supposed to. #beentheredonethat

Also, since I had an action inside the automation to update the custom field, I don’t need to add that here.

Just like the automations, you can set up your triggers and actions any way you want. It really is a matter of personal preference.

You can even set up triggers and actions for specific quiz answers!

After the initial work to segment your list with Interact and ActiveCampaign, the new segments in your email list and the automations can run independently for years to come.

They can also get serious results.

Results from integrating ActiveCampaign and Interact

Kate shared that her quiz has had great results for her business. She’s been successful at running Facebook ads to her quiz. Some of her ad spend is as low as $0.30 per lead and her quiz is converting at over 31%.

Kamila’s quiz has an even higher conversion rate of almost 50% and she shared that she’s getting more organic traffic to her quiz because people can share their results on social media.

Both Kate and Kamila generously shared their analytics from their Interact quizzes:

73dmydbc 12Quiz results from Kate Kordsmeier

k1d3k32oc 13Quiz results form Kamila Gornia

As you can see, they each had excellent conversion rates on their quizzes.

Plus, they now have thousands of new subscribers on their email lists.

Due to the capabilities of Interact and ActiveCampaign, these new subscribers came into their lists already segmented. Kate and Kamila could start nurturing them immediately through the automations they created in ActiveCampaign.

That’s it. You now have everything you need to set up your ActiveCampaign and Interact integration.

Whether you’re brand new or an experienced email marketer, the ActiveCampaign and Interact integration can have you segmenting your list like a pro in no time!

Joanna May is the email marketing and automation specialist behind May Virtual Assists. When she’s not doing email marketing or writing about it, she stays busy with her husband and two small boys.

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