WooCommerce: Product Interest Follow-up Emails


How do you follow up with customers that show interest in products on your WooCommerce store? How do you turn a one-time customer into a repeat customer? Are you looking for a way to send WooCommerce marketing emails based on customer interests?

With this automation recipe, you can send a series of targeted follow-up emails to encourage prospects to make a purchase on your WooCommerce store. The automation is triggered when a product interest tag is applied to a contact. This tag lets you segment your contacts based on the products they show interest in.

This automation recipe works perfectly with the "Product Interest Tagging" automation recipe. The "Product Interest Tagging" recipe generates the tag for each contact -- and you can set it up to then enter the contact into this "WooCommerce: Product Interest Follow-up Email" automation recipe.

The WooCommerce follow-up emails in this automation use WooCommerce product blocks to easily import your WooCommerce product listings into your emails -- and personalize those listings so that your customers see the products they want to see.

With this WooCommerce automation recipe, you can:

- Promote your WooCommerce store
- Strengthen your relationship with potential customers
- Send WooCommerce marketing emails to existing and prospective customers
- Share products from your WooCommerce store with interested shoppers

Before importing this automation, set up your WooCommerce integration.

Here's how the "WooCommerce: Product Interest Follow-up Emails" automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered when a "Product Interest" (or equivalent) tag is added to a contact based on the interest they showed in a product on your WooCommerce store.
2. The automation waits 1 hour.
3. The automation sends the contact an email. This email can contain a coupon code for the product that the contact showed interest in.
4. The automation waits 2 days.
5. The automation sends a second follow-up email. This email has a WooCommerce product block in it for you to showcase accessories and products related to your contact's interests.
6. The automation waits 4 days.
7. The automation sends a third follow-up email. This email should supply more information about the product while also showing success stories and positive reviews.
8. The automation waits 5 days.
9. The automation sends a final sales email. You can use this email to share an offer or discount that encourages your contact to make a purchase.
10. The automation waits 2 days.
11. Throughout the automation, a goal step checks whether the contact has purchased the product. When the contact meets the goal, they exit the automation so that they don't continue to receive emails about the product.
12. The automation ends.

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