WooCommerce: Ecommerce Product Sales Drip Email Series


Do you wish there was a way to automatically promote your WooCommerce products to your email subscribers?

Send a series of automated ecommerce sales emails and sell your products with email marketing using this automation recipe!

A drip sequence is a series of emails sent to your contacts, customers, or prospects at specific dates and times. When a contact subscribes to your email list, they will receive each email in the series at intervals you choose. This automation recipe sends 1 automated sales email per day for 4 days, but you can adjust the wait steps and number of emails to your liking.

ActiveCampaign checks the contact's activity throughout the automation. If and when a contact purchases a product from your WooCommerce store, they are tagged as "Customer" and removed from the automation. This means they won't receive more emails encouraging them to purchase a product they've already purchased.

This WooCommerce ecommerce drip series helps you:

- Sell ecommerce products with email marketing
- Increase awareness for your ecommerce products
- Encourage prospects or existing customers to purchase
- Stay in front of your potential customers
- Discover which of your contacts are engaged
- Determine who is buying your ecommerce products from email
- Create or develop your ecommerce email marketing automation strategy

Before importing this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account, link your WooCommerce ecommerce store to ActiveCampaign via Deep Data integration.

Here's how the WooCommerce ecommerce product sales drip sequence works:

1. A contact subscribes to your email list
2. The automation waits until the contact's timezone is 10 am (or a time of your choosing)
3. They receive the first email of the series
4. The automation waits 2 days
5. They receive the second email of the series
6. The automation waits 2 days
7. They receive the third email of the series
8. The automation waits 2 days
9. They receive the fourth and final email of the series
10. The automation waits 1 day
11. The automation checks the contact's activity to see if they have converted and made a purchase
12. If yes, the contact reaches the goal "Has Made a Purchase", is assigned a "Customer" tag, and is subscribed to a new contact list for customers
13. If no, the contact is assigned a "Didn't Buy On Drip" tag
14. The automation ends

Note: Each automated email in the series contains a WooCommerce Product block. This is a great opportunity to showcase certain products in your WooCommerce Collection, or the most popular items from your online store. You can customize the look and feel of the product block to make it your own.

Sending WooCommerce Product Blocks is a great way to automate and provide a positive customer experience!

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