Track Ad Clicks From Social


Prospective buyers clicking on your ads is a great place to be in. But did you know that you could be doing more to drive the sale than just running great ads? Ensuring that you’re tracking the ad clicks and building out automated systems to follow-up can turn “interested” into “purchased”.

This automation tags the contact when they click on your ad and calculates a running total of how many times a contact has clicked on your ads. Once they’ve clicked on your ads a certain number of times without buying, they are tagged again for a more direct follow-up.

Here’s how Track Ad Clicks From Social works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they visit the page your ad redirects to.
2. The contact is tagged with “Clicked on an Ad”
3. The contact reaches a Math action where a custom text field for “Total Ad Clicks” has 1 added to its total. You’ll need to build out a custom field for this prior to importing the automation.
4. The contact arrives at a wait step and waits for 5 minutes.
5. The contact then comes to an If/Else action that checks if the custom field Total Ad Clicks is above or equal to 5 and that the order total is 0, meaning the contact has clicked on your ads more than 5 times but hasn’t purchased yet.
6. If yes, then they go down the yes path and are tagged as “Likely To Buy”.
7. If no, then they exit the automation.

Note: We encourage running follow-up automations based on the tags added to try and drive sales.

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