Survicate: Generate more referrals from NPS promoters

- This automation will help you generate more referrals from NPS survey promoters.
- First, you need to send out an NPS survey to your customer and ask them how likely they would be to recommend you.
- Then, you need to send survey responses to ActiveCampaign contacts as contact fields. If someone is a promoter (gives you a high score), they'll be labelled as such in ActiveCampaign.
- Then, an email is sent asking your promoters for a review, case study, testimonial or other referral.

How it works:
This automation starts when an NPS field change to "Promoter", so:

1. First, you need to run an NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey.
2. You can create the NPS survey with Survicate.
3. You can send it out to your audience via ActiveCampaign.
4. You also need to make sure that each time you get a new NPS response, it's sent to ActiveCampaign contacts as a contact field.
4. If someone is a promoter, they will have an attribute on their account to say so.

Detailed instructions are available in the Import wizard.

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