Send White Paper and Create Account


How do you create your account records? Have you thought about offering a powerful white paper that shows the benefits of working with your company? What about one that shows thought leadership and builds trust in your brand? Start your sales journey off on the right foot with a white paper and account creation automation.

This automation sends contacts your white paper and creates an account for them when they submit your form. The account owner is updated as well, so you can ensure you have the right person for the job.

Here’s how Send White Paper and Create Account works:
1. The automation is triggered when a contact submits your specified form.
2. The contact arrives at a send email step. This sends the contact an email with your gated content and sets expectations.
3. The contact arrives at an add contact to account action. If the contact is already a part of an account, they will skip this step. Otherwise, they will be added to the account you specify.
4. The contact comes to an update account owner action, updating the owner to who you have specified in the automation.

Note: You can use personalization tags to tie fields to the account name. For instance, if you capture Business Name as a field, then you can ensure the contact is assigned to the appropriate account upon form submission.

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