Send Cooling down Email After Period of Inactivity


Do some of your customers need a little reminder from you to make another purchase? This recipe will send out an email to your contacts after a certain number of days to let them know you miss them. You will be able to edit your message accordingly and ensure that it has a personal touch to win your customers back.

This automation recipe helps you:

- Establish customer relationships that offer personalized experiences.
- Strengthen your eCommerce email marketing strategy.
- Promote other services or products that you offer, increasing your sales.

Here's how the automation works:

1. The automation is triggered after a customizable number of days have passed since their last purchase.

2. An email will be sent letting them know you miss them and that you have plenty of new offerings for them to check out. This is also a great opportunity to include a discount code or promotion to help boost your sales.

The recipe does include a basic email template that you can use though we highly recommend that you edit the email before activating your automation to ensure the email messaging fits your business.

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