Reminder To Update Open Support Tickets


What's worse than a support ticket falling through the cracks?

Not much, honestly. Your contact is already experiencing an issue and not providing timely updates leaves them in the dark, getting angrier with no answers in sight. Your support agents aren't touching the ticket as much, ensuring forward momentum on the issue. It can be a real lose-lose for everyone involved.

Don't let support tickets fall through the cracks with this automation. When a contact is denoted as having an open support ticket, your team is notified to provide a response to the contact. They then enter a cycle of getting regular updates on the ticket every few days, until the contact's issue is resolved.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters this automation when they gain the tag "Open Support Ticket".
2. The contact reaches the Notify action and an email is sent to the email address you specify, letting them know to provide a response to the contact.
3. The contact is held for three days at a wait step. Feel free to adjust this time to what makes sense for your business.
4. The contact reaches an If/Else action where it checks to see if the contact still is tagged as "Open Support Ticket".
5. If they do, the contact is sent down the "Yes" path and a Go-to action sends them back to step 2, notifying the support team to provide another update.
6. If they don't, the contact is sent down the "No" path, where a Goal action checks if they still have the tag "Open Support Ticket". If the tag is removed at any point in the automation, the contact will jump down to the goal action and exit the automation.

Note: We use a tag in our example, but feel free to adjust the conditions and trigger in this automation to however you track open support tickets.

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