Product Fit Onboarding Survey Automation Recipe


Forbes says it only takes 7 seconds for someone to decide how they feel about you. First impressions matter.

The product fit onboarding survey automation lets you know if you're putting your best foot forward.

What is a product market fit survey? It's the classic story...

- Contact meets business
- Contact likes business
- Contact starts first interactions with your business (for example, an onboarding welcome email sequence)
- Contact and business spend some time together and then evaluate the state of the relationship

In other words, a contact finds your business, subscribes to your list, goes through your welcome email series to get better acquainted with your business and product, and then they take a follow-up onboarding survey to help you learn how your product fit their needs.

This lets you stay up-to-date on customer expectations, trends, and new standards in your industry so that your product always meets customer needs. Before you import this automation, build out an ActiveCampaign form to use as your survey.

How does the product fit onboarding survey automation work?

1. Build out the form for your product fit onboarding survey. This survey can be built using ActiveCampaign forms or using one of our native integrations, like Typeform or Unbounce.
2. This automation is triggered by a contact subscribing to your list.
3. The contact immediately receives a welcome email. Then there is a specified wait time until the next campaign is sent.
4. The next day, they receive a campaign from a high-level employee at your business. This email should be designed to be a personal email with a message that connects directly with your contact to show how valuable they are.
5. After another specified wait time, during which your contact interacts with your product, they will receive the survey form to describe their initial experience.
6. For good results from the product fit survey, your customer onboarding survey questions should be open-ended to get honest first impressions from your contacts.

The data gathered through this automation lets you know what new contacts think of specific products. You can use it to make improvements to your product and try targeting new audiences with it.

What do you need to use this product fit onboarding survey automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, a survey form, and a contact list!

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