Onboarding Engagement Tracker


You have a new member onboarding, that’s great! But you need to have so many actions fire off from this conversion. You need to be in contact with your new member or contact, you want to organize their record on the platform, and also keep track of their engagement. Now you can do all of that with this automation recipe, powered by our integration with Postmark.

This automation recipe tags new onboarding members, adds points to their engagement score, and sends them a message for next steps, once the contact opens the welcome email from Postmark. Before importing, set up your Postmark integration, the initial Postmark Onboarding Welcome email, and your scoring system.

Here’s how “Onboarding Engagement Tracker” works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact opens the Postmark email with open tracking. You can edit this email to work for your business, in our example we use a welcome email from an onboarding sequence.
2. The contact then comes to an add points action and is given 10 points towards theur engagement score.
3. The contact is then tagged as “Received Welcome Packet”
4. The contact then arrives at a wait step and is held for five hours before moving on.
5. The contact then comes to a “send message” step and is sent a message for the rest of the onboarding information, including a link to any portal they may need and expectations of what’s coming up.
6. The automation ends.

Note: In our example, we use the idea of continuing an onboarding process, but you can use this workflow to cover any process for your business that this makes sense for.

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