Loyal Customer Tagging Based on Purchases


Why denote loyal customers?

There are a number of great reasons. You can run specific campaigns and offers to these contacts who have shown their support over time. You can reach out to these contacts for reviews, customer testimonials, and product feedback, especially since they have proven they have experience with your product. Plus, it's just a great way to build engagement!

This automation tracks a threshold set by you for loyal customers and tags contacts accordingly once they meet this threshold. The contact is then sent an email thanking them for their continued support and letting them know any benefits they can expect as a loyal customer.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The automation is triggered when a contact makes a purchase and meets the segment condition of total orders being 15 or more.
2. The contact reaches an add tag action and is tagged with the loyal customer tag.
3. The contact is sent an email thanking them for their support and welcoming them to being a loyal customer.

Note: In our example, we use the segment condition of "total orders is greater than or equal to 15", but feel free to adjust this to however you want to set the threshold, such as total revenue or perhaps a lead scoring system you have set up.

Note: In our example, we tag the contact as a loyal customer, but you could adjust this to a custom field being updated or subscribing the contact to a specific list.

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