Incentive Delivery When Beta Finished


Why just say thank you when you can give a gift?

Providing an incentive for contacts to sign up for your beta program can help make sure you have a wide audience to give plenty of feedback about your upcoming feature. Providing a small discount or gift can show people you understand their time and effort is valuable.

This automation is activated when a custom date field for the Beta End Date is reached with a date based trigger. The contact is then sent an email thanking them for their time with a reward.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation on the date specified in their custom date field for Beta End Date.
2. The contact reaches a send email step and is sent an email with their incentive included.

Note: In our example, we trigger the automation by a date based trigger for a custom date field for the beta end date. You can set this up by using our automation recipe "Beta Program: Add Trackable Dates". If you track the ending of your beta program differently, feel free to adjust this trigger.

Note: If you are offering something like branded swag or something that can't be sent by email, feel free to include a notification action at the end of the automation to go to your fulfilment team so they can process the order.

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