Identify Potential Brand Advocates from Site Visits (Automation Recipe)


How do you identify brand advocates?

If someone visits your website or reads your blog often, they're probably a fan of your brand. Track repeat visitors to your website or blog, then tag them as potential brand advocates with this automation.

Brand advocates are customers or fans who promote your brand through word-of-mouth marketing. Brand advocates can:

- Give your product or brand positive reviews
- Share your product or brand on social media
- Create user-generated content for your brand
- Refer new customers to your brand or product
- Grow your audience on social media
- Send traffic to your site
- Spread the word about your brand or product

When you use this automation to track repeat site visitors, you can tag them as potential brand advocates. You can use this tag to begin a follow-up email series that builds a relationship with your contact and encourages them to join a social media brand advocacy campaign or become a brand ambassador.

Here's how the "Identify Potential Brand Advocates from Site Visits" automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact has visited your website or blog 3+ times. You can increase the number of visits it takes to trigger your automation or set the automation to trigger only on a specific website page or blog post.
2. The automation tags the contact as "Possible Advocate."
3. The automation ends.

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