Highly Engaged Tagging: Tag Removal During Normal Engagement


We know what high engagement and low engagement can mean for contacts, but what about normal engagement?

For these contacts, you just need to market to them normally. If you're running a system that identifies highly engaged and unengaged contacts, then running an automation for contacts not in these buckets is also vital. You don't want to invite every contact to special programs nor do you want to try winning back contacts who are still engaging on a regular basis.

This automation is triggered when a contact's score is within your specified range of normal engagement. The contact then moves through steps that remove with the low engagement or highly engaged tags. Import all the recipes in our Highly Engaged Tagging automation recipe series to set up a great system using scoring.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when their engagement score changes to within a specified range.
2. The contact arrives at a Remove Tag action and a "Low Engagement" tag is removed, if present.
3. The contact arrives at a Remove Tag action and a "Highly Engaged" tag is removed, if present.

Note: You will need to build a score for engagement in the Manage Scoring section of your account before importing this automation.

Note: Choose the range you would like to consider the normal engagement range. In our example, we set the trigger condition to when "Engagement score is above 14" and segment it by "Engagement score is less than 75" to correspond to our other automations in the Highly Engaged Tagging series.

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