Highly Engaged Qualification Scoring - Email Forward or Share


What can a highly engaged contact mean?

Not only does it indicate the contacts who have helped make your business successful and what it is today, but this group is typically the first to give a positive review, testimonial, opt into your new programs, and want to be part of your story. The first step to all of this is identifying these contacts, which is where our Highly Engaged Qualification Scoring Series comes in.

This automation is triggered when a contact forwards or shares any of your campaigns. The contact then has a specified amount of points added to their engagement score. Import all the recipes in our Highly Engaged Tagging automation recipe series to set up a great system using scoring.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they forward or share an email.
2. The contact has a specified amount of points added to their engagement score.

Note: You will need to build a score for engagement in the Manage Scoring section of your account before importing this automation.

Note: In our example, we give 3 points to our Engagement Score and have it set to expire in a month. But feel free to adjust this to what makes sense to your scoring system.

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