Healthcare: Location Segment Tagging


Why should you denote the specific location of a contact?

If you have multiple facilities, knowing what facility a contact is nearby is important for letting them know information such as specific events at one location or letting them know when a location is closed and they would need to adjust their plans to go to a different facility.

This automation is triggered when your contact is subscribed to your list. The automation then checks for the zipcode of the contact and tags them with the appropriate location.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they subscribe to your list.
2. The contact arrives at an If/Else action checking if their zip code matches one of the selections listed.
3. If it does, the contact goes down the Yes path and is tagged with the location that corresponds to the zip codes listed in the first If/Else action.
4. If not, the contact goes down the No Path and arrives at another If/Else that checks their zip code for matches with a different selection.
5. If their zip code matches the second If/Else, they go down the Yes path and are tagged with the corresponding location.
6. If they do not match, they go down the No path and exit the automation.

Note: If you track location for contacts differently, such as having a custom field for location choice, feel free to adjust the conditions in the If/Else conditions.

Note: The tags and zip codes listed are examples. You should update them to reflect the actual data you will be using.

Note: Feel free to build out more conditions and actions for each location you have.

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